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"May" We Tell You You ROCK?! (Remember! Both donors AND NON-donors are stars!)

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I'm so jealous! (In a good way :) )  Congratulations!!!

Valentines Mommy:
Just did a red blood cell donation. I asked what was needed the most and that is what was requested.

I just got home from donating a triple dose of platelets.  I'd never done apheresis before, though I'm a 7+ gallon whole blood donor.  I was actually scheduled for a whole blood donation today but they called me a week ago and asked if I could please try platelets.  They had tested my platelet count at my last regular donation and it was 320, which made them drool... I'm also O- so I know most of the folks at the Red Cross by name.....They luuuuuuvvvvvv my blood.

I donated this afternoon. When I made the appointment 8 weeks ago, I had no idea that this was Holiday Blood Drive Day.

I got a really nifty T shirt with a holiday theme, that was given out to all donors, today only. The refreshments volunteers were handing out candy canes. There were Christmas carols playing in the refreshment area and people were singing along.

And they were swamped. Employees were asked to move their cars to a paid parking lot (paid for by the Blood Bank) because donors couldn't find a place to park!

Great day.

Double load of plateletts and plasma.

Dotty, when you donate plateletts they tests to see how many are in your sample.  if you have a lot they might take a double load or even a triple load, if the donor is willing.  Of course that means staying on the machine even longer.  I have given triple loads before but the stuff they mix in on the return makes me feel a bit punky if I do a triple.  I feel just fine if I do a double. I think a lot of people might not have enough plateletts for doubles or triples and some might not want to be on the machines quite that long.


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