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There will be a blood drive in my town next month. Day before Valentine's Day, I consider that appropriate for the occasion. I haven't donated since we moved here, as I was pregnant when we relocated. Now that Boo is nearly weaned I look forward to donating again!

Sharnita donated platelets!  One last entry before the end of the month - way to go! :)

HEY EVERYONE!  Guess what month we're about to get into!

It's time for our ANNUAL EHELL BLOOD DONATION DRIVE!  We always designate February as our month to get out there and do a real great push for the blood donation cause.

I cannot stress this enough - it is SUPER, SUPER, SUPER IMPORTANT.  You do NOT have to actually donate blood in order to participate in this annual drive.  We need donors, of course.  BUT, we also need people to just get the word out there that donating is important.  This means that you could do a tremendous amount of good by posting something on your FB page, taking some goodies by your local donation site, telling a friend about what donating is all about, or even just educating yourself a little bit more about the donation process and what's involved.  Even playing the game on the first page of this thread is a way of participating - and we want to know that you've done it, so let us get you on our tally!



I can't believe I've never noticed this thread before, and I've been here 7 years!  I donate platelets about every other month or so, and donated whole blood this past November.  They LOVE my B+ blood type and my fantastic (according to them) veins.  I will be wearing red tomorrow in honor of our little heart babies, Cameron (niece's little half-brother), and Emma (my friend's niece), and plan to donate platelets again this month.  It's been about 4 months since I have donated platelets because I have been sick a few times.

Let's get this month off right and donate!

It's wonderful that eHell does this. Unfortunately I'm not allowed to donate because it makes me ill, but I am a big supporter.


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