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"May" We Tell You You ROCK?! (Remember! Both donors AND NON-donors are stars!)

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Sunnygirl, that's totally ok!  There are people who can't give because of medical reasons, fear of needles, just don't like giving blood, whatever.  And, like I said above, that's no problem!  I really, really want people to understand that this EHell blood donation (both in Blood Donation February and the rest of the year) is for EVERYONE.  You don't actually have to have a needle in your arm to participate at all!

You absolutely get counted in the tally on the 1st page as someone who supports donation!  My hope is that there's awareness of it - even if people don't actually give themselves.

Just Lori:
I guessed I timed things wrong, because I donated last week, so I won't be able to donate in February.  Can we count my late January donation as a February donation?

I'm sure I could be persuaded to do that. ;)  (Although, January's tally was really low - you can be added in to bump that up instead.  Completely up to you!)

I'm glad you donated - whether it was last week, this week or next week!  Congratulations. :)

I'm due to give in March but I need to rearrange my appointment as I'm booked on a multiday training course for work that week.

I don''t know when I last donated. How can I find out? 

It was either December or January but I am not sure when and I don't know if I am eligible yet.



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