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"May" We Tell You You ROCK?! (Remember! Both donors AND NON-donors are stars!)

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Donated my B+ platelets today!  First donation this year, last time was in November!  I will be back for platelets again as soon as I am eligible.

HEEEEY!  Where did my posts go responding to dawbs and GreenEyedHawk?!  I responded to both of you!  This is really weird - I had a post in here to both of you.

YEA to all three of you - dawbs, GEH and katiescarlett!  You all three are wondefully terrific!  I'm so excited to see that you were able to give (and that dawbs' toddlers got some treats!)


Ok gang, we have a day and a half left in this month!  Any last minute activity?

Mr Drifter did a 780ml donation of his O- three days ago and is scheduled for a plasma donation in three weeks.

What a neat thread! I have never donated blood before due to fear of needles, so I thought that since my miscarriage in Jan that I had had so many blood draws that I could finally face the fear. So I called the Canadian blood services to find out when I'd be eligible to set up an appt. Turns out that its next Jan as I had to have a Rhogam shot. The upside is that at  31,I finally found out my blood type 0-. So I'll be donating as soon as I'm able next year!


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