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"May" We Tell You You ROCK?! (Remember! Both donors AND NON-donors are stars!)

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Outdoor Girl:
Not under the wire for February but to start March off:

3 of my coworkers donated today.  There is a group of them that donate regularly, with a bit of a competition with other offices across the province.  One of my coworker's spearheads the whole thing; I only cheer them on, and occasionally bring in treats on donation days.

YIPPEEEEE!!!  I LOVE starting a month out like this!  Three donations already to add to the tally?!  YEA!

ONLY?  ONLY?!!!!!  You do not ONLY cheer them on and occasionally bring in treats, Outdoor Girl!  Those things are wonderful and not to be disregarded with an "only"! :D  You are wonderful for doing those things for them!!!  Seriously, these are the kinds of things I'm trying to encourage people to do, because they really do matter so much!  I can't tell you how very much those "cheers" matter when you're donating.  Having people excited for you and cheering you on is such an amazing, wonderful thing, and you are doing a great job!!!


thank you for the thread and the hugs Dotty = I'm bookmarking it for later :) My loss is hard, but I am trying find things to make me feel better, and knowing I can now have needles without the panic attacks is a good thing for the blood donating :)

I'm definitely trying to get my DH to go in and give blood, and I have at least one girlfriend already promised to go with me for support when I go donate next year (or whenever eligible :)

Going to donate tomorrow, it's my 6th time through. Sid ave fine in feb but inhadvti wait as I've been overseas.

Katana_Geldar, did you give?

(I'm a little confused on your post, by the way!  I'm not sure what you just said!)


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