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DH gives blood regularly but I'm scared of A) Blood and B) Needles but I would love to try sometime...  Just the thought has me shaking in my boots though...   :-[

I know its for a good cause and I really need to get over it!  I want to try...

Congrats DottyG!  Maybe you will be my inspiration!   ;)

little bird:

--- Quote from: Bellantara on September 15, 2009, 12:08:47 PM ---I would love to give blood. I'm O+ too, and used to give blood regularly. But, I spent 3 years in Germany 20+ years ago, and the Red Cross is terrified that I might have mad cow disease.  ::) Therefore, I'm permanently barred from giving blood.

--- End quote ---

They won't let me donate either because of the time I lived in Belgium (I'm also anemic... and underweight... and have low blood pressure...).  I hate it... I really wish I could donate blood.  Instead I have to make myself okay with helping coordinate drives and encouraging others to donate.  To everyone who can and does donate, thank you.  Donating blood is one of the best things you can do for other people.  It is such a precious gift.

I wish I could, but even getting one tiny vial drawn for blood tests drops my blood pressure enough for me to pass out, so my doctors have always warned me against dontating. I only have A+ blood though not one of those cool blood types like O+/- ;)

Thank you for giving, Dotty!

I got started giving blood because I was in an accident where I was knocked unconscious and seriously injured and had to have (3?) units of blood. Then I found out on some labwork that I'm O-negative, and was haunted by the fact that 3 units of precious universal blood were spent on me. So the only solution I could figure out was to donate as often as possible. I consider it a hobby, one that my SO doesn't accompany me for because he has an unholy fear of needles!

Every time I've tried to donate blood, I couldn't.  Several times I'd get sick on the day of the appointment and last time, I discovered that they wouldn't let you give blood if you'd gotten a tattoo in the past year.

Fortunately, they've changed the regulations and will take your blood if you're healed and got your tattoo at a state-licensed shop. (I wasn't too worried about having any blood-borne diseases anyway, my artist is a total cleanliness Nazi.)  

So, I have an appointment at our most recent blood drive here at work.  Thursday at 12:30pm!


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