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Gross out-- Not for the faint of heart

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Which reminds me of the time my ex and the roommate were cleaning out the overdue cat box...and all I heard from the other room was my roommate howling "EWWWWWWW ERMAHGAWD IT'S IN MY EAR!!!!!!"

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On the one hand, I'm laughing. On the other, I don't want to know how it happened!

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I never did get a straight answer on that one - my ex was puking (fortunately, straight into the trash can the cat box was being emptied into) and my roommate had turned the shower on and stuck his head under it, and when I asked them later they never could adequate explain the physics behind it - partly because both of them would promptly start gagging when they started trying to talk about it.   >:D

Lady Snowdon:
I have one from work last week.  I work with folks on short term disability, so a lot of fairly gross things come across our desks and I thought I was pretty hardened.  I thought wrong.  Our nurse told us this one.  It's tragic and sad and totally gross.  Be warned.

A lady was attempting to commit suicide, and chose the method of putting a gun in her mouth.  Except, as she was starting to pull the trigger, she sneezed, which altered the gun's trajectory.  It apparently traveled through her sinus cavity and hit one of her eyes before exiting.  I don't know where exactly the bullet exited, since I was dealing with the mental image of a bullet going through someone's sinus cavities and trying to remind myself that I really did want to eat lunch that day.

Yeah.  I'm really not as tough as I like to think I am; a very cowardly part of me is glad this lady is not my client, and so I do not have to deal with her and figure out how you react to that story. 

So in a weird way, she sneezed her brains out?


--- Quote from: RegionMom on December 10, 2012, 06:55:24 PM ---So in a weird way, she sneezed her brains out?

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Or at least an eye...

I used to get sinus headaches with a side of extreme nausea. I would end up in front of the porcelain throne nearly every time, but once, the stomach contents came up through my sinuses and out my nose. It was disgusting, but my headache was completely gone within minutes.  :-[  >:D


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