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Gross out-- Not for the faint of heart

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--- Quote from: mechtilde on December 25, 2012, 05:55:48 AM ---Merry Christmas to Vorbau and everyone else on the gross out thread!


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Did anyone else find themselves singing, "FIVE GUNSHOT WOUNDS" to themselves?

--- End quote ---

But, of course!

I sang the whole song to DH and DS.

I totally sang it too!  ;D

White Dragon:
For about two years now, I've had a nodule on my toe.

We thought it was arthritis, but over time it got painful and developed a hard, tender center.
We thought it might be a wart, or a corn.
We soaked t, and peeled it and froze it with wart treatment, all to no avail.
All it did was hurt.

Finally, I went to the doctor and he took a biopsy. (The stitches probably belonged in this thread!)

My bump is a fibrokeratoma.
Benign and non-recurring, but I gogled the images and I'm not sure if I am glad or disappointed that mine is only 3  or 4mm across! :P

I'll have to have a chat with my mother about sharing ring bologna with the dog.  :P  Her farts were bad enough before, but this last one left me with tears in my eyes!


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