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Gross out-- Not for the faint of heart

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And now I have the mental image of your mom and the dog doing the Lady & the Tramp spaghetti thing with the sausage....then passing out gas masks.  >:D ;D

I'm posting in this thread because some of it is icky, but funny at the same time, that mom told me last night.

Mom has a few semi-feral cats that she feeds, because she feels bad about them. Among the lot is a pair of brothers that are half-grown kittens. One of the boys (Randy) managed to catch a baby lizard. Only it got stuck on his paw and he just couldn't figure out how to pry it off. So mom goes into the house to get a paper towel, since she wasn't about to touch it with her bare hands.

She comes out, and Randy's brother Rusty is playing with something, but she doesn't pay attention to what it is as she's helping Randy get unstuck. She finally pries the lizard off, looks up to see that the unknown object Rusty is playing with is a piece of petrified poop.

As she's trying not to get sick, Randy grabs the lizard...and promptly gets it stuck on his other paw.

At that point she was just done and went back into the apartment.

I just popped a spot that's been bothering me for days, it only came to a head today so I've just gone at it with the pore clearer I have.  Very satisfying to see the white goo coming out, and it's not even bleeding!

Diane AKA Traska:
Going in to have the pin put in my finger in a few minutes... I've been keeping a photolog of the process so far, from when I got the laceration between the ring and pinky fingers, up through yesterday's check up on the hand..  :)

Not as gross as some of these - but I was in the tub and started just scratching my back last night.  I had to clean my nails because of all the goo built up under them (actually, I had to clean them three times because I kept scratching until the itching went away) - my back no longer itches and I'm looking for my back scrubber...because apparently the dead skin cells building up are why my back will start to itch.

Exfoliation can be  a bit gross when you have tiny little rolls of skin cells left behind on top the skin or packed under your finger nails. 


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