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What makes people ask / think these things ?


Saw parents of DS12 friend ( Ted ) at football game this week. Ted's Dad is socially challenged. He is actually a lot like my Dad in terms of not respecting boundaries. His wife is great , Son is really a great kid ....... just Ted's Dad is odd ......

So Ted's Dad says to us .... Oh Ted came home all bummed out because you are going to Florida. I told him .... hey they didn't ask you to go

I ignore comment.....

Something similar is said at least 3 times over the evening.

How did I handle ..... Dead Silence, walking over to other parents and finally a small laugh and say .... Now why would I want to do that.  ???

BTW - his wife was not there - otherwise she would have set him straight....

Ugh.  I think I would have said, "nope, just a family trip this year, bean dip?"  I hate those kinds of situations.

yeah, I can see where this would be frustrating.  But since you already said he is socially challenged, I wonder if he really means it the way it he's fishing for an invite for his kid.  Either way, I might respond with "Yeah, I know the boys will miss each other, but they should have some great stories to tell when they get back together after the vacation.  Maybe we should plan an overnight for the next weekend so they can catch up!"


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