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feeding 50-75 at race track

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At the grocery store you should be able to find a variety of large frozen entrees. They just need to be baked usually. Some frozen lasagna and bags of prepared green salad should be easy. Plus, the pans are disposable, so no scrubbing afterward. If you don't want to buy frozen entrees then I would suggest a couple big hams, they usually just need to be heated up. Store bought potato salad, macaroni salad, and some dinner rolls. Some green salad can be added if you want it to appear healthy. As far as easy clean up goes, think disposable. If you use disposable pans, paper (or plastic/styrofoam) plates, plastic utensils, etc. then most everything will be done once the trash is tossed out. Good luck!

You want to think tailgate style for this one (google tailgate for more). 

Consider gas grills, crockpots and/or even a deep fryer.  Don't forget garbage bags, plastic platters and big bowls.  You may want to bring pails for dirty dishes if you will rack them up even using paper products.  Chests of endless ice are almost always key, no matter if you're bringing stuff cooked or preparing it the night before and bringing it raw. 

Food, I guess it all depends on how how sophisticated you're wanting to go... or how many people are contributing.  You can make almost anything, so it just depends on money/tools available, how much you're willing to work, and if anyone can trade off/man grills. 

For the breakfast you can make a ton of boiled eggs ahead of time, buy croissants by the box, also consider muffins, tomatoes, sausage, fruit salad things that "go" with bfast or even set up a bloody mary bar, bagel bar or other kind of bar if you have experience with that. 

For dinners, some things I like for preparing en masse include: salad, shrimp, pans of ziti (and the like), clams, pans of a "side" (could even buy those frozen potato cuts) red beans and rice, gumbo, cornbread (or similar), drunken kielbasa, brownies, chicken wings (even pre-sauced frozen wings), chili, potato salad, slaws (of all kinds), subs, sheet cake... 

Of course silverware, dinner rolls, fruit, olive mixes, etc go a long way. 

Quesadillas can be made ahead of time and tend to be a hit.  I've made 100 chicken quesadillas at a time, with shredded cheddar, broccoli bits, diced onion and jalepeno (buy the tall, cheap stacks of white burritos, fill em up, stove-top them and slice into quarters.  I'll admit they're better hot, but fine and make more sense cold (they're very small and people will eat like 4+ each even with other food).

This is the time to remember your filling old faithfuls.  I've been involved with a lot of youth group camping trips where mass amounts of food were involved.  Don't underestimate the value of your mac and cheese and your instant mashed potatoes -- they'll go with almost anything, they're cheap and filling and easy to turn out in bulk.

Another thing we've tended to make while camping is grilled cheese sandwiches with canned tomato soup.  If you have two or three people, you can assembly-line assembling and cooking the sandwiches, and it's a lot faster than you might imagine to turn out a lot of them quickly.  Any kind of canned soup with oyster crackers or saltines can go a really long way, too.  Places like Costco, Sam's Club or, depending on where you live, Gordon Food Service are your friends!

thanks everyone!  This will be the 2nd time I'm doing this, and I will mostly be alone.  I am hoping to come up with a plan for basically no work meals.   I have limited space for salads and such.  I have the breakfasts down to a science luckily!   Last year I did, Chili and bread one night, hamburgers and hotdogs one night and I am spacing the third night.  I am hoping this next track is cleaner than the last track! I had to wash my crockpots at the car wash hoses.  I have been thinking about making lasagne but it takes me 2 days to make them. I don't have enough ovens either.  I am thinking about making pancakes for our guys.   I am also limited in that I may or may not have a way to go to the store from the track.  I like the quesadillas idea!  couldn't we reheat them in an oven ?  I would think tacos again would be fun. 

  Please keep your ideas coming.

Oh yeah, you can totally heat them up.  The last thing I brought them to was a potluck smaller than your crowd and I didn't bother the oven-owner with that. 


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