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  • October 01, 2016, 05:24:25 PM

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Author Topic: Encounters that have left you scratching your head  (Read 6948 times)

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Re: Encounters that have left you scratching your head
« Reply #90 on: September 27, 2016, 02:21:37 PM »

I think it was rather kind for your boss to immediately offer to take you out to lunch when she realized what day it was.  That speaks more of someone that didn't realize that the holiday had arrived, rather than someone who had no intention of celebrating you.

Me too.  This seems like something I might do as your boss.  I'd be so embarrassed about 'forgetting' your special day that my automatic reaction would be "Make it up to her, make it up to her, make it up to her ...!"  :( :-\  :-[

Yes and no. You had to know her personality. She was more the type who really didn't have any intention of doing anything but was sort of "shamed" into it, shall we say? She wasn't the easiest person to work for, by a long shot, quite entitled, and picky and fussy.

And while it was nice she offered and we did go out to lunch, it seemed to be more of an afterthought  as in well, I guess I must do something for her, than "oh shoot i feel horrible i totally forgot"


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Re: Encounters that have left you scratching your head
« Reply #91 on: September 27, 2016, 11:58:51 PM »
A very long time ago: I was using a library computer. The woman at the next computer randomly asked if I would proof read her resume. I happened to notice it said she lived on a certain street, so I said "Oh, I have a friend who lives on your street. Do you know the 'Smith' family ?" She made a loud "hmmph!" of disgust, made a vague, rude comment (along the lines of "how repulsive that you do")", snatched the resume from my hand & turned back to her computer


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Re: Encounters that have left you scratching your head
« Reply #92 on: September 28, 2016, 01:04:49 PM »
But she got really upset that I wouldn't sell the roses I had bought for my girlfriend to her.

When my husband and I were dating, he sent me a beautiful bouquet of a dozen red roses for Valentine's Day.  They were delivered to my office.  One of my co-workers informed me that a colleague of ours, Dolores, was very upset that her significant other hadn't sent her any flowers.   Co-worker then told me that I should give Dolores some of mine.  I laughed, thinking she was joking.  She wasn't.   :o

In 1989 I was a bridesmaid for a friend. She chose to get married on Valentines day, which was a weekday that year. In a town three hours away that neither she nor her HTB had any connection with. Anyway, I digress. Because my own wedding was coming up, I couldn't take the entire day off work, so I left a couple of hours early instead so I'd have time to make the drive and get there on time.

My then fiance/husband eventually asked me if I received the flowers he sent me. Flowers? What flowers? I received no flowers!

Turns out he had a dozen roses sent to my office and they were delivered after I left for the day to go to the wedding. A coworker, with a similar but not exact same name as mine took them (think Jane vs. June). She knew they weren't hers, but she decided to take them anyway and pretend her husband sent them to her. I really, really wanted to make a stink about it but restrained myself, since this was a very stuffy corporate environment and didn't want to make waves. It's just as well; if she was the type of person to do that, I can't imagine how she'd react to being confronted.

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Re: Encounters that have left you scratching your head
« Reply #93 on: September 28, 2016, 01:12:54 PM »
^^^ Wow! 


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Re: Encounters that have left you scratching your head
« Reply #94 on: September 28, 2016, 03:14:39 PM »
My daughter, age 16 at the time, and I were at shopping at a discount store named Gordmans. She was about 4 feet from me looking at the décor mirrors. Out of nowhere this lady walks up to my daughter and tries to put a necklace around her neck. My daughter blocked her while I maneuvered myself in-between them. It happened really fast.

The lady said she was trying to see how the necklace would look on someone. She was actually offended that I pulled my daughter away from her. I explained that she needs to ask people first. You don't walk up to a stranger, let alone a child, and drape something around their neck.

My daughter and I walked away like CRIVINS! just happened. All she had to do was put the necklace on herself and look in the mirror. We were standing in the mirror section. There were mirrors everywhere.  What left me scratching my head was the lady thought I was over-reacting.


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Re: Encounters that have left you scratching your head
« Reply #95 on: September 28, 2016, 04:51:58 PM »
That reminds me of when I was grocery shopping with my first daughter, who was an infant at the time.  I had her in her car seat, which was attached to my shopping cart.  I was choosing a loaf of bread when I suddenly heard my daughter start to wail.  Looking around, I saw a very flustered lady with her hands on my cart's handle.  "I just needed to get by, so I moved your cart!  I don't know why your baby is crying like that!"   Perhaps because, even as a baby, she realized that a stranger was apparently trying to take off with her?   >:(


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Re: Encounters that have left you scratching your head
« Reply #96 on: September 28, 2016, 11:28:50 PM »
Years ago I was shopping with my cousin. We both had young children and her son was trying to get out of their cart. I happened to notice just in time to grab him by his shirt and keep him from face planting. Some woman saw me and said to me: "You should never touch anyone else's child! They might think you were kidnapping him!"

My cousin said, "We are together. She would never let any child get hurt! How can you think it would be better for him to fall on his face than to catch him!"

Woman: "Well, I'll just be watching for her to be arrested because you are letting her think that was okay!"

Another woman: "Hell, lady, I'll go to court and testify for her! She put the child first!"

By that time my DD, who hated raised voices was crying, so I asked my cousin for her car keys and went to the car. When cousin and son came out to the car, the first woman was still haranguing her! We left and we never went back to that store, we would go to a different store in the chain, but not that one!