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  • May 22, 2015, 02:06:14 PM

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Author Topic: Thrift Score!  (Read 128321 times)

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Re: Thrift Score!
« Reply #915 on: May 20, 2015, 07:47:32 PM »
I also picked up a twin fitted sheet (they only had fitted - where do all the flat sheets go?)
Quilters glom onto them to use for quilt backing.  You can use fitted sheets, but they give you less usable fabric.

Fitted sheets have had the "corner" cut out for the seam that makes them fitted.  They still work for smaller quilts (crib or lap sized) but not anything sized for a bed an adult might sleep in. 

I've also seen instructions for making a duvet/comforter cover using two flat sheets of the appropriate size & sewing around three sides, then doing something with the fourth side to make an attractive closure (sometimes a zipper at the bottom of the bed) that may need to be positioned to keep away from the faces of the sleeper...

I've also seen flat sheets used a quick & easy way to get lightweight curtains in a house or apartment - especially if you are dressing it up on the cheap to sell or a renter wants privacy without paying out the nose for more expensive window treatments. 

A flat sheet can also be used as a tablecloth...

I've even cut up a worn one a few times to use to make a fitting garment (toile, muslin, or trial garment) to see where I was going to have to adjust the pattern to fit *my* body. 

Flat sheets are very versatile.  Fitted sheets are less so - although they  make a fair tablecloth for an outdoor table, the fitted corners & elastic make it possible for them to stay put a bit better...but it depends on how well the size of the sheet and that of the table match up...
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