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Author Topic: Special Snowflake Stories  (Read 6271976 times)

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Re: Special Snowflake Stories
« Reply #31725 on: April 23, 2015, 06:54:50 PM »
My neighbor (guy, has 3 kids, no mom around) is a special snowflake. Last sunday at 8 'o clock, in the morning, he and his kids get in the car and he turns on the music, and turns the volume all up. The entire street could hear the blasting music. I was up already, but I thought 'who does that??'.
It may be no surprise that he on not-so-good terms with the rest of the street.

Another event: one of his kids would throw several balls into our backyard on a regular basis. About once every 1-3 weeks. Previous year we kept throwing the balls back to him. At a certain point we warned him that we would keep the balls, because the rate at which it happened and the amount of balls were a bit silly. Coming home and finding 3-4 balls in our backyard happened often. Yes, I get that sometimes accidents happen, but we were told that neighbor's som would sometimes get angry and act it out by throwing balls all over the place.
We discussed it with the dad. He told us to just keep the balls or throw them in the bin. He figured that if his son had no more balls, he couldn't throw them into our yard anymore. My husband commented that maybe neighbor himself could also do something about it, but he said 'you expect me to police him all the time?' (Well yes, if that is what it takes, but what about a good talking to and locking away his balls for a while?).
Also, keep in mind that this is a very childfriendly area, his kids are allowed to play outside, and there are playfields and areas everywhere.
So this spring it started again. And we gave the balls back the first few times, and then we had enough. At one day the score was 4 balls, a skippyball and 10 marbles (those didnt roll in, they had been thrown). We knived the balls, and threw the whole lot away. Neighbor came to our door and started ranting. Yes, he gave us permission to knive balls, but the skippyball was supposed to be exempt! And then he proceeded to threaten to knive our cartires.
No, we weren't impressed. And the balls did stop coming onto our yard - finally, after 2 years.

I do kind of feel for the guy if he is raising three kids by himself, but I agree, enough is enough, especially if he threatened you.

When I was growing up, our neighbor was the one inundated with playballs, and sad to report, we were the ones doing the inundating. (I use "we" in a fairly broad sense ... we were "that house" where all the neighborhood's kids congregated.) Our neighbors, an elderly couple, got to be pretty irritated with this.

They worked out a fairly ingenious deal with my parents, though. To retrieve a ball, we had to do a chore for them - usually pulling weeds (they had a nice vegetable garden) or washing cars. I didn't have to do it nearly as much as my brothers did, because when they were playing I was usually under a tree reading a book, but they made sure the chore wasn't horribly onerous -- and the lady of the house made excellent lemonade.
We used to set off the back neighbours dog by rolling old car tyres down the slope in our backyard until they hit the fence. The dog would then go nuts. My dad was confused why the car tyres would be all along the back fence when we left his place when his weekend was over. Then the neighbour one day came and explained everything to him. He denied it at first but then remembered those tyres.
When he told us about the complaint we did stop doing that and we weren't really punished, but it had been fun rolling them like that.


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Re: Special Snowflake Stories
« Reply #31726 on: Yesterday at 01:46:50 PM »

I think Zyrs was implying that Neighbor Guy was thinking "But if I go up on my roof I might damage it - I don't care if I damage yours."

Color me jaded but it also occurred to me that if he fell off MaryR's roof he could sue her homeowner's insurance instead of dealing with his:-\

See and I went the bolded of the neighbor falling off her roof.