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Author Topic: So, who is keeping their resolutions (please, no "I don't do resolutions" posts)  (Read 1862 times)

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Mary Lennox

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I broke mine in the first week, but I may still achieve it anyway. I was going to do daily stretches to help with my flexibility for my dance classes, but yeah... that didn't happen. My goal was to able to bend over and touch the floor by the end of June. I compared my photos at day 50 v day 1 and I'm getting closer so whatever I'm doing seems to be working! I'm also working on my splits but that's going to take a little longer.


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I started mine in December but I've stuck to them. Them? Only one really. I started exercising again. I'd been doing less and less because of pain and other health issues. Finally diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and forcing myself to hit the gym. Working past a lot of chronic pain but i feel better knowing if i do it safely (with a trainer) it'll help my treatment.


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Can I start over this month?

I have a small loan, that I THINK if I am realllllly dedicated I can pay off before the end of the year. So that's my resolution. It's a new one since I only recently sat down and did the math and examined it. So that's my new-new years resolution.

I also made decluttering a resolution. I was doing just okay. And then yesterday a friend posted photos of her sister's home, that she is helping clean out. The sister was a pack rat and cleaning out the home is probably going to take weeks, maybe months. That was a new push. So guess what I am doing this weekend... my goal is to fill two large trash bags of stuff to get rid of.

Also, my other resolution is saying "no" more. And I've been doing pretty well. I am trying to say no to activities that drain me more than they bring me joy. Or saying no to something when I am over booked and over scheduled already. (Obviously this does not apply to emergencies, work, and other life obligations, etc.)

One example of me saying no to something draining: I politely declined an invite to a friend's party. I am close friends with the host, but we don't have any other mutual friends. Her other friends are ridiculously unfriendly and cold. They have all met me 100 times and still barely look at me when I walk into a room. I've tried very hard to get to know them and they want nothing to do with me. If I go to her parties I usually end up just sitting by myself feeling awkward. So I am not going to her party next week. I politely declined the party and then her and I made dinner plans for another night, just the two of us.

"You don't have to set yourself on fire to keep others warm."


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Saying "no"-if only temporary-has also helped me.  I was slated to be in a Toastmasters speech contest, in the evaluation segment.  I have never done an evaluation.  I have too much going on this month with DD and DS, and finally asked if I could be taken off the contest.  I also asked to not be assigned any roles throughout April.  This will make TM essentially optional, while I get things at home back on track.  I feel less pressure already (and there is a lot of pressure to "do" TM).

On that note, I cleaned out our small bathroom this morning.  Now the downstairs (save for the boxes from my brother's things) is presentable!


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My main resolution (by my husbandís insistence) is that I promise not to do anything that will cause the Earth and Sun to collide.  I think he is worried that I could do it accidentally (I am VERY accident-prone).

Otherwise, I try to work on completing crochet projects.