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Author Topic: "I'm never shopping THERE again!" Share your story!  (Read 1767568 times)

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Re: "I'm never shopping THERE again!" Share your story!
« Reply #7875 on: Yesterday at 03:40:36 PM »
Jason's Deli made my "never again" list today. This was the second time our office ordered from them and the second time I was disappointed. First time I ordered one of their baked potatoes. Potato was huge, but toppings were skimpy. Hard to try to eat a dry potato, but at least it WAS edible.

Today I ordered a sandwich and a bowl of French onion soup.  Sandwich was okay....nothing to brag about, yet edible.  But the soup....Oh. My. Gosh.  It was nothing more than a container of brown water with hunks of partially cooked onion floating in it. No taste whatsoever. I mean it tasted like warm water. Not even any flavor from the onion. It came with crackers which I added to the "soup", but then it tasted like wet cracker...with an aftertaste of plastic container lid.

I called and complained, and the manager offered to send more soup. I declined as I don't ever wish to attempt to eat anything from their store again. I asked them to send my money back, as I paid in cash. The manager said they couldn't send their driver with cash. I then reminded her that the driver didn't have a problem taking cash as payment when the order was delivered. She then said she would send the driver with my money.

I am a big gal.  I like my food. It is a very rare occurrence when something is so bad that I can't eat it, but this time was the exception.  Nope. Never again, Jason's Deli.  Fool me once: shame on you. Fool me twice.....well, you know the  drill. 


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Re: "I'm never shopping THERE again!" Share your story!
« Reply #7876 on: Yesterday at 05:55:55 PM »
When I applied for a job recently I apparently clicked on something on the page, because then I was buried by calls from schools and employment services.  However, no matter how desperate I may be, I will never go with a particular local employment service, West Linn Employment.  Here's why:

On Friday I got a call from this woman who said she was calling from West Linn Employment Service because I had indicated that I was job searching.  She gave me the spiel about the recorded line, then it started:

Me:  I'm looking for a job in medical transcription.  Now, that's -

Her (interrupting):  Oh, don't worry about that.  When did you graduate from high school?

Me:  1976. 

Her:  Did you go to college?"

Me:  I went for two years-

Her (interrupting):  What did you study?

Me:  General education.  I was-

Her (interrupting):  Are you considering returning to school within the next six months?

Me:  No.  Right now-

Her (interrupting):  You'll make yourself much more marketable if you get some more education.  Our company is here to help with that.  Now, when do you think you'll return to school?

Me:  I don't want to return to school right now-

Her (interrupting):  What would you want to study?

And so on.  Every time I'd make a statement she'd interrupt me.  Maybe I wasn't following the script, but I hadn't been given a copy.  Re being interrupted when I was trying to explain what medical transcription was - that especially irritated me, as most people don't really understand what that is, and I've been referred for jobs that I am absolutely not credentialed for, like physician or registered nurse.  I got the impression that the job search services got as far as "medical" and stopped.  I finally interrupted her, told her I wasn't interested, wished her a nice day, and hung up in her ear.  She interrupted me practically every time I tried to tell her something, so never again.  I don't remember the exact name of the service, but I know they're out of West Linn, Oregon, and West Linn isn't that large.
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Re: "I'm never shopping THERE again!" Share your story!
« Reply #7877 on: Yesterday at 07:46:30 PM »
The US Postal Service, if I could.

I bought a gift for a friend, and have it shipped. I checked tracking today to find out they attempted delivery but couldn't. It turns out the zip code was wrong. I checked my records, I had the right zip code. Amazon had the right zip code. USPS tracking shows it as one number off (albeit still in the same city.) This city only has half a dozen zip codes, but still. I'm going to have to call Monday, as the web form requires you to know the sender's street address.

Yes. I have a sort of hobby online business, and I periodically order free shipping boxes in bulk. Well, the last batch I ordered was on 4/17 and my order is "still processing" Um ok. How long does it take to process and ship 20 boxes? although the first time I ordered the same thing happened, i checked, and then the next day, there they were. Second time, boxes arrived in like 2 days. So maybe, since i checked again, they'll be waiting for me today!

I'm very lucky, I ship care packages to military overseas and my local post office will give me a package of them when I go in.  I think there are 10 or 20 of them in the shrink wrapped bundles.