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S/O Dear Dog...Dear Cat

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Dear Cat (Picasso)

Yes, I love you. Yes, you are incredibly cute. Yes, I have probably spoiled you a bit. But your latest new habit is not cute. I don't know how you learned to open the dresser drawers. Or why you have decided that ransacking my lingerie is so much fun, but please, stop. It's kinda weird having a cat with a lingerie fetish and I'm tired of having to lint roll and refold all my undergarments everyday.

Love Momma

Dear Ariel - I know that you really, really love momma's gloves with the rabbit fur trim.  And yes, I know that it's quite clever that you manage to get them out of the pockets of my coat, when I put them deep in the pockets and turn the coat over.  However, they are my favorites, and I bought them from a street vendor in italy so I cannot get anymore - please leave them alone... I'll buy you any other toy, I promise.

Black Delphinium:
Dear Maya,

Yes, you are so cute. And we really do love you. But Mommy and Daddy time is not for kitties. Please to be getting out of the bedroom. You weird Daddy out.


Dear Bella Kitty,
Please stop trying to kill me.

Dear Kitty I and Kitty II-
I know the fishy are fascinating but they really do not enjoy being chased around the tank.
Also, I know Mama looks cold in the morning but she doesn't need a kitty draped across her neck to warm up, especially since she  can't manage to keep the fur out of her mouth.
Lastly, Mama cannot afford anymore ipod earbuds, please stop chewing on them (where are you even finding them, I keep hiding them?).
Lots of smooches,


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