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Dear Cat

Running into the neighbour's house and hiding behind their couch twice is not the best way to introduce yourself. It's lucky they were nice about it but please, I don't want to be 'that' neighbour, don't do it again.


Dear Izzy:

Cranking up a meow at 5:30 on a Sunday does not endear you to Daddy or me.  This is a weekend; you do not have to wake us up today.

And Daddy is especially not amused when you hide under blankets, then yowl when he bumps you in the dark.

Provider of cans

Dear Mo,

Dive bombing me from the overhang over the front door when I haven't had my coffee yet is a bad idea.  Please wait until a little later in the day to try these sorts of tricks.

She who makes sure you get your 5am ear scritchies.

Dear Polycarp,

You don't like people, other than me, you run for you life when the doorbell rings - so why, why, why, did you decide to make my lunch guest (also my boss) your best friend?  He's allergic to you and you wouldn't leave him alone. 


she who provides the food and water

Dear Harley and Mischief,

Your human brother has found a kitten and he is going to bring it home next weekend. You need to be nice during your supervised visits, or she will live in his bedroom forever. I know you two are getting up there in age, but this kitty needs a home.




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