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S/O Dear Dog...Dear Cat

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Dear Kitten,

I know you really want to explore the world.  I know you thought you had us fooled by getting out of the 6'x10'x6' dog pen Mommy got for you so you could still go outside but not roam the neighborhood.  However, Mommy and Daddy are not as stupid as you think and you were caught scaling the inside corner of the cage like a tree.  Do not look so forlorn.  It's just a tarp over the top so you can not escape.  Daddy will be putting chicken wire over the top tonight so you can once again see the sky.  If only you would have let me leash train you...then you really could go explore the world.

The giver of chicken

Dear newly brought-in kitten overlord:

So far, you have sent two text messages, several FaceBook IMs, made a phone call, posted to FaceBook, and posted your own introductory post here.  I mean, I walked out of the room in the middle of composing it, and came back in to find that a line of keysmash got added and it was posted.  Perhaps you're actually some kind of alien and are trying to communicate?  You were, might I add, brought in only after your mama cat came in my window and did her best "Timmy fell in the well!" impression to alert me that you were stuck in the roof.


Your new human slave

I personally ascribe to the theory that kittens are furry little chaos elementals. Cute little chaos elementals, but chaos elementals none the less.

I have 2 foster babies (and their evil feral mom) who were born April 6 (5 littler mates died  :'( :'( )  and they are just insane!!!!  It has been 3 years since I have had a kitten and I had forgotten what little balls of energy and destruction (quit climbing the recliner!!!) they are!

Dear Isis,

Yes, Daddy is mad at you and refusing to talk to you. I know you didn't spill red wine all over his laptop on purpose but he holds a grudge better than anyone I know (it's those Scottish roots) so please try and leave him alone for a few days. Smooching up to him while he's trying to fix said laptop is not the best idea at the moment

Love Mummy.


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