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S/O Dear Dog...Dear Cat

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Dear Isis,

Yes, Daddy is mad at you and refusing to talk to you. I know you didn't spill red wine all over his laptop on purpose but he holds a grudge better than anyone I know (it's those Scottish roots) so please try and leave him alone for a few days. Smooching up to him while he's trying to fix said laptop is not the best idea at the moment

Love Mummy.

Dear Mitten,

We seriously need to have a talk. I know you hate it when people touch you for an instant longer than you want to be touched. However, when you choose to sit on my lap, you do not get to be upset that my lap is still touching you back. The onus is on you to move your fuzzy butt off of  me, not expect me to somehow magically teleport out from under you without disturbing you.


Your greatly exasperated mum

Dear Mama Cat:

I think you successfully shaved a few years off my life when you returned with the rest of your litter in tow and the one kitten in my room magically turned into FOUR kittens in my room.  Thank you for bringing them in from outside, I guess?  I think I need to buy more cat food...

The babysitter, who promises cute kitten pics later after the new ones stop skittering off when I move.

Delia DeLyons:
Dear Cannella ~

I don't think Lucy meant it to be a game of tag; I think she chased you under the dresser/bed/chair to tell you to give her space..

Still, I have to admire your tenacity in insisting on tagging her "It", again and again.  But don't come crying to m-

Oh alright, here's my lap.

Lap Lady

Delia DeLyons:
Dear Lucy ~

Just between us, I am so on to you... I see that twinkle in your eye, giving away that you actually *are* enjoying having someone to chase...

I notice you purr away the nights, seemingly more content than ever..

I won't tell the little one, though.  Pinkie/paw swear.

Your Doting Human


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