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Dear Gracie and Izzy:

The hoomans at the vet's will take good care of you and probably give you better gooshyfood than I do.  They will put you two in a large place because Mommy said both of you will cry if you can't find the other (even on the other side of a door  ::)).  You'll have a nice blanket to sleep on, and supervised stretch-out time in a big room.  It's going to be OK!  It really wasn't necessary to yowl in harmony in the waiting room so loudly that people from the back came out to see what was going on.

With that said...your dishes with the remains of your breakfasts look so lonely.  It's too quiet in here.  I miss you guys.

The one who decided to board you


Dear Branwen,

Thank you very much for not horking up your canned food yesterday. And while it pains me to praise you for waking me up with your horking this afternoon, thank you for at least not horking up anything SOLID.

But did you really have to hork up liquid on my carpet? Cat, you know I can't see liquid on the shag carpet. That stuff looks no different no matter what you spill/drop/whatever on it.

I'm really not happy that I keep stepping in it. It's too dingdangity hot for shoes.

Please to be stopping with the hork. Or at least do it in the kitchen. And don't wake me after I've spent all night unable to breathe and FINALLY got some sleep.  >:(

Dear Rika,
Thank you for not having a touchy stomach. Also thank you for letting me gently pin you down and brush the mats out of your belly fur. You're such a good fluff.

Mumble grumble sigh,
the Not-Furry-One.

Dear Renfield,
You are very good at looking terribly abused.  The problem is that putting flea stuff on your neck isn't abuse.  We are both upset by the time I mange to catch you long enough to squeeze the tiny little tube of stuff on your neck.  Afterwards, your only injury is to your dignity. 
We would both be more dignified if you we're a little less stubborn about this.

I don't really enjoy fleas in my bed, so we ARE going to keep doing this.


Dear Renfield,

Ugh! Hitchikers! Don't they just make you scratch and nibble your tail like mad, mate?!

But be happy your Human only has to use 'The Tube' to make you bug-free. We got what felt like hundreds of the little itchies in a few hours (or it seemed like), and our Humans had to wash all their bedding, and our beds and blankets in that smelly eucalyptus stuff! Didn't smell like our nice, warm, cozy den at all.

THEN they took us to our favourite pet store and gave us a (shudder) b-a-t-h. With more smelly euca-whatever stuff. All the other dogs laughed at us! I saw a poodle sniggering as we went past. AND then they put The Tube stuff on us anyway!

Be glad it's just The Tube for you, mate.

Mates in itchies.....
The Demon Twins.

It's so embarrassing when the poodles snicker.


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