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S/O Dear Dog...Dear Cat

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Dear Renfield,
You are very good at looking terribly abused.  The problem is that putting flea stuff on your neck isn't abuse.  We are both upset by the time I mange to catch you long enough to squeeze the tiny little tube of stuff on your neck.  Afterwards, your only injury is to your dignity. 
We would both be more dignified if you we're a little less stubborn about this.

I don't really enjoy fleas in my bed, so we ARE going to keep doing this.


Dear Renfield,

Ugh! Hitchikers! Don't they just make you scratch and nibble your tail like mad, mate?!

But be happy your Human only has to use 'The Tube' to make you bug-free. We got what felt like hundreds of the little itchies in a few hours (or it seemed like), and our Humans had to wash all their bedding, and our beds and blankets in that smelly eucalyptus stuff! Didn't smell like our nice, warm, cozy den at all.

THEN they took us to our favourite pet store and gave us a (shudder) b-a-t-h. With more smelly euca-whatever stuff. All the other dogs laughed at us! I saw a poodle sniggering as we went past. AND then they put The Tube stuff on us anyway!

Be glad it's just The Tube for you, mate.

Mates in itchies.....
The Demon Twins.

It's so embarrassing when the poodles snicker.

Dear Ninja

I know you're just trying to live up to your name, but please stop riding the puppies. They don't see you coming when you leap down from the couch, all they know is there's suddenly something sharp on their back. Don't be so surprised when the boys roll over and pin you down. You started this game; if you don't want them to gnaw on your ear, don't jump on them. Also, quit playing with Penny. She's the littlest and when you knock her over, she cries. Stop hiding under the coffee table, waiting to pounce on unsuspecting puppies. I got you that cat tree to play on/rest in/scratch on. I didn't get it to facilitate your sneak attacks.

On another note, I know that you are superior to the dogs in every way, and it stands to reason that you should get first crack at any water or treats given. But do you really have to dash in from the other room to push the puppies out of the way and splash your paw in the water every time they try to get a drink?


The Referee

Midnight Kitty:

--- Quote from: Liliane on July 19, 2013, 05:51:31 PM ---Dear Rika the Angry Fluff,

Why in the seven bloody hells do YOU not eat canned food or treats?! I would be very happy if you would even deign to push it away with a paw and walk off! Or even sniff it! But no, you avoid it like it threatened to give you a bath! You picky little ball of angry fluff!
--- End quote ---
Our vet told us that some cats become almost addicted to crunchy kibbles and will turn their noses up at mushy canned food.  We are lucky that Buddy Boy (aka Mr. Buddy Guy) will eat anything, including the carrots left in the dog's food bowl.  The dog, Honey Girl, will not eat carrots and will spit them out if she finds them in her food.  The dog is finicky; The cat will eat anything.

The vet also said that we have to watch the ash content of any kibbles we might feed Buddy as male cats develop kidney stones &/or urinary tract blockages.  Having only had female cats up till now, we didn't know this about male cats.


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