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S/O Dear Dog...Dear Cat

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Dear Foot-Foot,

What a creative use of a household object as a cat toy, and what a mighty leap you made I bring your prey into the bed! Where did you find the brand-new fuzzy paint pad, anyway?

She who also loves fuzzy paint pads


Though you are mightily cute, I happen to enjoy cooking without ankle weights.

The human mommy, who still loves you even though your feline mommy no longer wants anything to do with you.

Dear Izzy and Gracie:

It's 3:40 A.M.  The two of you were racing around like the Indy 500.  Then Izzy, you big handsome boy, were meowing as only Bombays can, until I finally caved and fixed you your cans. 

Now you're both sleeping on my side of the bed, and I'm out here on Ehell.  Something's wrong with this picture (not to you!)

With love,
The Sucker

Dear Stephen,

I know I haven't been well for a few days, and you are concerned your two-legged food dispensor is not functioning. However the following do not help matters.

1) Laying your paw on my hand to check I am awake is cute. Flexing your claws when you do that, is not! I have punctures.

2) Waking up unable to move my head at 3a.m. is not good. Discovering it's because 7 kilos of cat has sat on my hair with two paws on my head is worse - followed by the dreaded nose-and-drool in ear when I could not do anything about it! Your sister was staring at you from the other side of the pillow, wondering if you were mad.

I am sorry you revolved across the bed when I pulled the pillow out from under you, but you had that coming.


P.S. And in these situations your Daddy need to stop laughing and help.


One of you two is cute and affectionate.  The other of you is a finger-nibbling demonbeast.  Cease and desist chewing on my fingers!




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