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--- Quote from: magicdomino on September 19, 2013, 02:53:24 PM ---Dear Xena,

Sleeping on a human's lower abdominal area is a very effective way of getting that human up, as you have discovered.  If your human has one of those little boxes that suddenly become noisy in the morning, I recommend that you wait until close to that time to nap on the human.  Humans have difficulty getting up in the morning, even when awakened by a noisy box, so your assistance at that time will be appreciated.   More importantly, it ensures that your breakfast is served on time.


--- End quote ---

Dear Magic,

But mostly, I want the nice warm humans to stay put so I have a proper napping platform and scritches on demand. My humans give me the yummy wet food for supper, not breakfast; I have to make do with crunchies the rest of the time. Why DO humans insist on having those silly noisy boxes?


Dear Bear and Nitro,

We'll be back in a few days, so put up with That Other Guy feeding you and taking care of the litter box a little longer. The Nice Young Lady did her best, too.

Please don't hate us for having had you cat-sit while we were away for the year. You would have hated the traveling and the new space even more.

Looking forward to scritching you behind the ears.
The Nice Lady and The Nice Guy
(who used to live with you, and will again soon)

Ser Lucien Liliane:
Dear fluffballs - yes, all four of you.

Yes, I am changing your food. You guys eat ridiculous amounts of food and the stuff I HAD you on is far too expensive, especially considering it doesn't even last an entire month with four little piglets in fur coats noshing on it. Get used to the new stuff. (This means you, Rika. You are far too picky for your own good. I don't care if you don't like fish. You WILL eat the new stuff.)

And whoever's horking all over the carpet, stop that. I have no idea if you're gorging yourself or just have a hairball, but I am getting really sick of cleaning up your hork. Literally. You don't want to make me be violently ill from dealing with mass amounts of cat barf, now do you?

Also, Rika? How the eHell did you manage to get the insides of your back legs so matted up?? I brush you daily! Now I'm going to have to pin you in the most awkward position ever and shave your underside! Don't you dare bite me, cat.

Love, though some days I'm not sure why,
the Not-Furry One.

Midnight Kitty:
Dear Buddy;

That was an inventive wake up alarm you employed when I tried to catch a few extra winks. Sitting on the washer (bottom of the washer/dryer combo) and rattling the bamboo bead curtain made enough noise to make getting up more attractive than the extra ZZZs.

Zoo Food Service

Dear Ciaran,

What on earth possessed you to try to eat the last bit of chili dog I left on my plate after dinner!? I even found a bit of the bun all the way in the bathroom, and the telltale crumbs on your chin aren't helping your case either, mister!


She who should learn to not leave ANYTHING within your reach.


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