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Dear Salem

I do hope you realise that when a kitty with the nicknames 'the black hole' and 'the bottomless pit' is off her food, the hoomin slave becomes worried.

I'm glad your appetite was back this morning.

the non-furry provider of noms

Dear Leo,

Do you seriously have no brain?  First you escape outside during a (small) tornado and we worry you're going to get blown away.  Then you escape again this morning into the rain, looking perplexed at the weird stuff falling on you.  Luckily your non existent brain has been replaced with extra bundles of sweetness.  You are cute, and lovable, and always up for snuggles.  But stupid as a box of rocks.

Dear Oscar

Thank you, thank you, thank you!  For being the patient and loving monster kitty that you are. 

The 2 year old terrors known as my niece and nephew have now flown back across the ocean to NZ :( and you no longer have to suffer the indignity of having your tail pulled, your ears investigated and your eyes poked (when there's two of them going at it with fours hands its hard to track them all).  You took it with calm dignity and not once did you swear, scratch or bite.  I'm so proud of you little man - I know it wasn't easy, especially as you have never come across babies before.


PS: it's the good stuff for dinner for the rest of the month!

Dear Stormageddon:

Please understand that my squirming and moving you over when you make muffins on my leg is because it hurts and not because I don't want you there. These new pajama pants aren't kitty proof like my other pair(This is what happens when the Doctor regenerates!). I hope having a blanket in my lap makes up for my earlier insult to your muffin making prowess.



Dear kittens,

How did you learn to tell time?  I totally get that you know food time,  but how is it that you know wake up times,  weekend wake up time,  understand vacation time,  and know when bed time is?

Your dearly devoted human.

The backstory: one of my little preciouses "yells"  at me when I stay up past my bed time.  She has her own bedroom (no,  I'm not kidding)  and when she's  ready for bed,  she tells me, goes to her room,  and waits to to make sure I go to bed too.   The sad part is, she's right about it being time for me to sleep.


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