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S/O Dear Dog...Dear Cat

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Miss Vertigo:
Dear Weedster,

Please not to be doing things in the tray in the middle of the night that are so gross they actually wake me up from two rooms away. Please to be holding it until the morning when I let you out.

Dear Leo,

Stop trying to kill your brother. Understandable, after that, but still.

Dear Kitties,

Together, the two of you weigh less than 30 pounds.  How is it that you manage to occupy 95% of a queen-sized bed?

Love, Holly

Dear Monica,

While the facepats are very endearing, I prefer them without claws.

Civil Disobedience

Dear Luigi-cat

Sitting close to son while he lies on the the floor and then passing wind was probably not intentional but he did change colour.

Dear Son

Cats do not understand revenge. Having your brother hold down luigi-cat so you can fart on him is not acceptable.

By the way, I was snorting with anger not laughing when I came across the above.


Dear Tama,

You are such a sweet kitty. I love how it's only been 9 days since I adopted you but you've already accepted me as your "mommy". I especially love seeing you in the front window waiting for me to get home from work. However, I don't like your mouth. All you do is talk! I've never had a kitty who talked so much. You're driving me crazy! I'm going to have to figure out how to soundproof a room that I can shove you in when you start trying to talk to me at 5 in the morning. Mommy needs to sleep until at least 6. Please, please let me sleep until then before you start trying to talk to me about all the exciting things you did during the night that I already know about because you woke me up several times while you were doing them. Mommy can't sleep during the day the way you do.



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