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S/O Dear Dog...Dear Cat

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I think this calls for some corporal cuddling!

Dear Mischka,
Yes, mum knows the difference in sound between you clawing the settee and your scratching post.  I know you're smart enough to only use your post when I'm in view but don't try to plead innocence when I tell you off.  Roewing and rolling on your back doesn't get you off the hook.

Love your scritch giver

Dear Morty

I appreciate that you're not a good traveller, and I did expect the 40 minutes of caterwauling* on the way to the vet on Saturday.  I very much appreciate that you didn't do it so much on the way home.  And I'm incredibly grateful that you only peed in your box instead of your usual messy, smelly trick.

Please understand though - you're 13, which makes you a bit of an 'old man' in the cat world, so getting your vision, blood pressure, blood and wee tests done are perfectly acceptable - don't want you getting sick like Milly did, now do we?  Thank you for being relatively patient and cooperative for most of the visit. 

The shaved spots will grow back, I promise!  And believe it or not, I think you actually shed more hair during that visit than got shaved off.

the chief head scritcher.

PS please come home for dinner!

* Isn't caterwauling the most perfectly appropriate word?   ;D

Dear Oscar

Please stop pulling books off the bookshelf at 3 in the morning (yes - I know its you!).  Aunty Jane thinks we have a poltergeist!!

The one who buys you the good stuff, only to have you turn your nose up at it...

Dear Carmen,

Please stop provoking Figaro and giving him "the finger" when he can't chase you up the back of the wall unit.  Especially when that means you disturb the cable box on the way.  One of these days one of you will get hurt and your mum will be very sad.


She Who Buys You Fancy Feast


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