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S/O Dear Dog...Dear Cat

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We are hoping the washer and treatments get it all out.

I feel for you, ladyknight. One of mine threw up her dinner on my expensive gold and black comforter. The smell was so awful, and it wouldn't come out. I ended up throwing the comforter and matching shams in the trash. I was not happy.

They've also hit the sofa (rarely) and the rugs (semi-regularly). Fingers are crossed for the new comforter, but I suspect some day ...

Why, oh WHY won't they puke on nice washable surfaces like the kitchen floor?  Why is it ALWAYS a soft, absorbent surface? 

Less ricochet on a soft surface?

Outdoor Girl:
I was told that cats preferred carpet and perhaps other soft surfaces, because it allows them to dig their claws in to hang on while they retch.  They can't get the same purchase on hard surfaces.


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