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I think that posting examples might create other problems.  But, I do appreciate the reply.  Thanks.

You are absolutely correct and I obviously had a brain fart. If you're so inclined feel free to PM me with them.

One of my threads is missing. It wasn't controversial in the least. While it didn't ask specifically "how do I handle this next time" there was suggestions made of what I could do. Is my thread missing because I was reported? An earlier thread is now locked so I'm thinking I offended someone. If we get reported, do we get an email do that we know?

It contained profanity.  If you look at the forum rules, you'll see that swear words, including abbreviated forms like "effing", aren't part of Ehell's discourse.

I'll sometimes post in the thread or pm the op, but usually the reason is obvious.

When you report a violation, or something that you *think* is a violation, do you get confirmation or some sort of reply?


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