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Clara Bow:
And there's really not "punishment" for reporting a thread. The mods keep it on the way downlow as to who reported things and it doesn't become cannon fodder for forum war and backbiting. It's handled in a very professional manner. So don't be scared someone's going to "get you back". It does not happen.

Honestly, I very rarely even pay attention to who is doing the reporting, it gives me a link directly to the thread in an email, with the reporter's comments about why they think it's a problem. I read the comments, click the thread and try to make a decision as to whether or not it's something that needs moderator involvement at all.

I am seconding the hugs to the Mods - thank you very much for keeping this place great. 

Thanks for this information.  I was wondering what happened when a thread is reported.  I am also wondering if the reporter hears back from the mods in some way.  I know the mods are busy and that this is a labor of love (unpaid).  I just wonder sometimes if I'm reporting things inappropriately or if the mods got my message at all.

The way reporting is set up, it's just not easy or practical to reply to the person reporting the problem. The forum software sends us an email. Sometimes we get multiple emails for one post at nearly the same time.

If you send a private message, you *might* get a reply saying something like "Thanks for the heads up, we'll look into it." but you most likely won't get a reply saying what action will be taken.


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