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Re: Holiday Etiquette
« Reply #45 on: May 26, 2010, 02:18:57 PM »

If you ask if you can help and the host/hostess says no, accept it.  Some kitchens are just too small for large numbers of people to 'help.'

Amen!  And the corollary to this one:

If the guests ask more than once if they can help, and you say no, it curtails your right to huff, sigh, roll your eyes, and moan about how much work all this is and how no one is lifting a finger to help you.   ::)

1) Everyone is very welcome (and I'm including all family and friends in this) - but I need the numbers by 15th Dec so we have enough food/cutlery.  You do not get the right to veto the guest list. They are welcome, you can choose not to attend if you don't agree with this policy.

And if you're going to change my numbers, please call.  Don't decide not to show up because you realized that by the time you finished making your promised contribution, you'd be 15 minutes late...  and then fail to call...  leaving me holding the meal for an hour waiting for you, worrying about you, *and* not having your promised dish...   ::)

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Re: Holiday Etiquette
« Reply #46 on: May 28, 2010, 05:22:35 PM »
Hosts, if you are asking for contributions, be specific.  "Green bean casserole for 30" is better than "Pie".  If you choose not to be specific, or not to clarify, then you have no right to get upset when somebody doesn't show up with what you were expecting.  If you have expectations, those need to be clear.

Of course, that last sentence applies to guests as well.  If it's just not Thanksgiving/New Year's/Christmas without x y or z, please let your host know (nicely of course, not in a demanding way).  They may be able to incorporate it or let you know that won't be possible, so you can decide if you want to attend.