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Author Topic: Autograph Stories  (Read 64635 times)

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Re: Autograph Stories
« Reply #150 on: August 11, 2010, 11:17:41 AM »
I made a complete nincompoop of myself while getting Weird Al Yankovic's autograph.  He was gracious and funny but all I could think of to say was "I fell in a ditch getting here."  *facepalm*  My little brother, in line behind me, had a much more coherent chat with him.

I never met Eddie Vedder when I lived in Seattle but he bought me more than one beer.  He and his wife used to eat at the restaurant next to the pub I hung out at; the restaurant had booths that were nearly completely enclosed so they could eat without being disturbed.  Nobody ever knew they were there till the manager would walk next door and give the bartender enough to cover a round or two for the house.  Nice guy.


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Re: Autograph Stories
« Reply #151 on: August 12, 2010, 10:51:47 AM »
My sister just got Wil Wheaton's autograph. He called her beautiful, and signed her con badge so she wouldn't have to spend $30. He also signed her roommate's dice bag (adding a +1 to it). Felicia Day also complimented my sister's roommate on her costume and asked how she got her makeup to come out so evenly.


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Re: Autograph Stories
« Reply #152 on: August 12, 2010, 11:49:32 AM »
My DH is a huge Bob Newhart fan. He performed at an RV rally in Louisville KY. We drove all the way out there from Boston MA to see him. Not sure if anyone is familiar with this but there is a drinking game called "Hi Bob". When Bob Newhart came out on stage my DH yelled "Hi Bob" and Bob said "Hi" back, then asked him if he started playing the game already! After the show we went to the back entrance and waited for him to leave. We were the only one there and my DH asked if he could take a picture with him and get his autograph. Bob was so nice! He has the greatest smile! My DH told Bob that "the show Newhart was his Monday Night Football". Bob turned to him and said "Well Monday Night Football was my Monday Night Football!"


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Re: Autograph Stories
« Reply #153 on: August 17, 2010, 02:55:53 PM »
My family was in Indiana for a family reunion quite a few years ago.  My mother takes walks/jogs in the morning to keep in shape.  She and one of her sisters were out Saturday morning when they were passed by a really tall guy running the other direction.  My mom and aunt looked at each other and whispered "was that...?"  "I don't know.. maybe."  By the time they decided to talk to the man to find out if he was the celebrity they thought he was, he was quite a ways down the road.

The sisters thought that maybe he ran the same way/time every morning and so Sunday they went the same way and this time they brought a camera and note pad.  Sure enough, there the man was running past them again.  This time my mom turned around and sprinted after him.  She caught up and said "excuse me, but are you ... Larry Bird?"  The man stopped and turned around in the middle of his workout, smiled at them and said "I sure am."

They chatted for a bit, got pictures with him (my 5'7" mother barely comes up to his elbow!), and a hastily scribbled autograph to bring back to the rest of the family in triumph :)  What a nice man to interrupt his day like that for 2 random strangers also out roaming the back roads for exercise.


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Re: Autograph Stories
« Reply #154 on: August 18, 2010, 09:20:45 PM »
Before Ike Turner passed away he used to come into the store that I worked in all the time.  He was actually really nice and would chat with the workers all the time.  The only autographs I got from him were the ones that I required for him to pick up his stuff at the pharmacy (I didn't take them, I swear).

I also met Lou Ferrigno at Comic Con one year although he was scowling the whole time so I didn't ask for an autograph.  Plus he was asking something like $10 per autograph.

This wasn't me personally, but when my grandma lived near Sacramento she got to meet John Travolta a few times while he was filming Phenomenon.  She said he was one of the nicest men she ever met and he was very friendly with all of the local townspeople.  He would sign autographs, ask how people were doing and was a complete gentlemen the whole time.  My grandma's friend worked for a local diner and he came in one time to have dinner and she ended up being his server.  She said he was an absolute sweetheart and very friendly, but she didn't expect to see him again.  Well, a week goes by and he comes back to the diner and when she comes up to help him he says, "Hey Cindy, how ya doin' today?"  She must have had a shocked look on her face because he said, "You didn't think I'd remember your name, did ya?"  They ended up having a good laugh over it and he ended up coming to the diner a few more times before filming wrapped up. 


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Re: Autograph Stories
« Reply #155 on: August 19, 2010, 10:30:54 AM »
I adore John Travolta so that makes my heart warm!!!
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Re: Autograph Stories
« Reply #156 on: August 19, 2010, 12:48:44 PM »
My DH is a huge Bob Newhart fan. He performed at an RV rally in Louisville KY. We drove all the way out there from Boston MA to see him. Not sure if anyone is familiar with this but there is a drinking game called "Hi Bob". When Bob Newhart came out on stage my DH yelled "Hi Bob" and Bob said "Hi" back, then asked him if he started playing the game already! After the show we went to the back entrance and waited for him to leave. We were the only one there and my DH asked if he could take a picture with him and get his autograph. Bob was so nice! He has the greatest smile! My DH told Bob that "the show Newhart was his Monday Night Football". Bob turned to him and said "Well Monday Night Football was my Monday Night Football!"

I've played "Hi Bob" before....only made it about halfway through the show.


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Re: Autograph Stories
« Reply #157 on: August 23, 2010, 08:07:03 PM »
Not autographs, but fun.  As a dog trainer in Los Angeles, I've had many celebrity clients.

Jimmy Stewart:  The sweetest, most dear man ever.  He and his wife's dogs were named after their children, Kelly and Judy.  The dogs were angels, just like Jimmy and his wife.

Tommy LaSorda:  Funny and boisterous.

Robert Hays (Airport!):  Sooo funny.  When I got to his house, he was sitting in a mud puddle in shorts and a t-shirt, working on his broken pool pump.  He spent that entire lessons swatting flies and then gave me a handwritten note of appreciation.  Very cool.

Paul Verhoeven (Producer or director of Robo-Cop - can't remember which):  Down to earth but tried to act intimidating.  Dog trainers, as he found out very quickly, don't intimidate easily.  I think he appreciated my honest assessment of his handling skills.

Sugar Ray Leonard:  Absolute class!  And very down to earth and funny.  He caught me staring at his unbelievable biceps and held out his arm, saying, "Go ahead."  I hesitated, but he insisted, so I punched him and he jumped back with an, "OWWW!"  Very cool and gracious fellow.

Brad Garrett:  He was a blast.  Very funny, totally loved his dogs (named after an old Jewish couple he'd met on a cruise - Gus and Mabel), and was very responsible with them.  He called me years later and said a 'friend' of his needed a trainer but was too cheap to pay for one, so Brad offered to cover the expense.  The 'friend' was Ray Romano.

Savannah (umm... porn star):  No anecdotes that would be E-Hell approved, other than to say she committed suicide during our contract.  I was in therapy at the time and had to unload on my shrink about it.

Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman:  Not my clients, but a friend's.  After my friend trained the dogs, she was invited back every year for their annual holiday party.  My friend was paid five hundred bucks a pop for playing with the dogs down by the pool during the party.  They asked her back three years in a row.


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Re: Autograph Stories
« Reply #158 on: August 24, 2010, 12:07:32 AM »
I have always loved Jimmy Stewart! He always seemed like a class act. I am glad to hear how nice he was!

I have also thought Brad Garrett seemed like a nice guy. It is too funny that Ray Ramono was too cheap to pay for a dog trainer! Did you work with Ray? What's he like?
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Re: Autograph Stories
« Reply #159 on: August 25, 2010, 04:57:00 PM »
No, never met him.  I guess the offer of free dog training wasn't accepted.   ;D

But yes, Jimmy Stewart was just about the kindest man I've ever met.  True class.

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Re: Autograph Stories
« Reply #160 on: August 25, 2010, 05:11:54 PM »
My husband is a volunteer DJ at the university and public radio stations, a popular emcee for blues concerts, and an occasional concert promoter.  I am often volunteered to work the door and sometimes double as a bouncer (all 5'-3" and 115 pounds of me ;-)  As a result, we have been able to get lots of musician's autographs.

Keb Mo was the nicest: He hung out backstage as long as there were fans and chatted like we were all old friends.  Jonny Lang was the most elusive: We only got an autograph because we were co-promoters and the main guy, who chauffeured the band around, was able to get them to sign a CD cover during "downtime."  To be fair, that was when Jonny was in his first flush of popularity and he was quite young.  I don't expect the same level of maturity from an 18 year old who was just catapulted to fame as I do from a man who has been in the business for years.

My favorite was Jimmy Thackery.  DH pushes me to get the autographs because he thinks they will be more willing to sign for a pretty lady than a "grizzled old man."  After he signed our CD cover, Jimmy said to me, "Today's my birthday; Do I get a kiss?"  Of course I kissed him - on the cheek - and gave him a brief hug.  Hey, I'm over 50!  Jonny took off with a couple of hot young thangs and didn't sign anything after the concert and here's Jimmy begging me (?) for a kiss.  I didn't even care if it was his birthday. >:D
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Re: Autograph Stories
« Reply #161 on: September 13, 2010, 02:15:49 PM »
I learned something Saturday night while getting the autograph of my favorite baseball player ever - take the cap off the Sharpie before handing it to them!

I felt like a total & complete idiot when he told me "take the cap off please".
Still floated joyfully (but redfaced) back to my seat.

It was a good night - I learned something AND stood two feet away from my baseball idol!!


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Re: Autograph Stories
« Reply #162 on: September 30, 2010, 01:26:21 AM »
I forgot - I also have Billy Joel.

I used to work for one of his attorneys.  They would periodically send out CDs and such for him to sign - I would write the letter and request he sign this one for this person or that for the other.

I finally asked my boss - hey!  I'm a fan - can I include me and my CD??  He said yes.  

I got to meet him.  Very nice guy, very cute.

One of my friends worked at a famous hotel where Billy Joel was going to stay. This friend was a major kiss up to begin with and tends to go overboard. So when Billy arrived for his stay, he was greeted with "Oh my God, Mr Joel, I am a huge fan. And may I say what an honor it is to have you stay at Famous Hotel. I've gone to so many of your concerts and you are in my mind the greatest singer ever and I just think--" Billy stopped him with "Okay, kid, you can stop with the kissing up  ;D You don't have to do that for me  :D" My friend's retelling of this the next day started with "You guys, I met Billy Joel yesterday and he told me to shut up :D He is so awesome *fanboy sigh*"

I had the pleasure of getting the autograph of Dr Henry Lee, the forensic scientist. He gave a lecture at my college. Dr Lee was very sweet, friendly and fun to be around. The two assistants at his side, however, were another story. I had said to him "This is for my friend Kym. She couldn't be here tonight, because she lives in another state. She's a criminal justice major. Her name is Kym, with a 'y' instead of an 'i'. K-y-m." Dr Lee made nice comments about that being cool & to wish her well in her career. One assistant decided to throw out "Kym with a y ?  ::) How *ahem* special. ::)" and the other assistant started making the same faces. I don't know what their problem was  ???

Back in third grade, my best friend and I used to watch Where In the World Is Carmen San Diego every afternoon. When Rockapella (the band from the show) had an autograph signing at the local mall, we were excited. My friend wasn't able to go, so my parents offered to take me & I promised she could keep the autograph.
At the mall, all the band members were sitting at a table on stage. The guy running the session had us kids line up at the stairs to the stage and said "What you'll do is walk up the stairs, pick up a blank postcard from the pile & take it down the line so each band member can sign it for you." So I did exactly what he said. I picked up my postcard and approached the first member at the table. He immediately snapped at me "*crossed arms* Down there!  ::) The cards are already signed *seeing my puzzled look* At the end of the table. We're not signing them  ::)" All of them had crossed arms, sour expressions & looked hungover. I was so upset that I stopped watching Where In The World Is Carmen San Diego after that. I've heard plenty of nice Rockapella stories from other people. But they just left a poor impression with me  :P
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Re: Autograph Stories
« Reply #163 on: October 19, 2010, 07:15:31 PM »
I didn't realize until I read this thread that I actually have had a couple celebrity encounters!

My first was John Reynolds Gardiner, author of the children's book Stone Fox. He came to do a talk at my school when I was in 3rd grade, and my teacher got to meet him because she was an aspiring writer. Then she introduced him to me because I was an aspiring writer! ;D He was very nice and gave me an autographed pamphlet called "How to Write a Story that's Not Boring."

Then in 6th grade, everyone in my English class had to write a letter to an author. We got to choose. I chose Ursula K. Le Guin because I had just read her Earthsea series. And believe it or not...she wrote back! I got a handwritten postcard from her!! ;D

When I was in youth orchestra we did a concert with Mark Wood and his band (Mark Wood plays electric violin and was with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra for a while). They were all wonderful: they took time to teach us and were generally a lot of fun to work with. I got them (and my conductor, lol) to autograph a poster and I also got my picture taken with Mark.

Recently I got to meet Tory Belleci from Mythbusters, when he came to do a show at my boyfriend's university. He was awesome in person, even funnier than he is on the show. My boyfriend, our friends and I got our picture taken with him (and I got to stand next to him!). My boyfriend also brought along his lab coat to get it autographed! (A lab coat autographed by Tory is just about the coolest thing ever but I imagine it hardly inspires confidence... :P)

This isn't my story, but my boyfriend's:

My boyfriend is a huge Broadway fan, and when he was in high school he was lighting designer and stage manager for his school's theater. For his high school graduation present, his family took him to NYC to see a couple shows, including his favorite: Phantom of the Opera. After the show, my boyfriend went up to the lighting booth and asked the head lighting tech for his autograph! The guy was surprised but pleased. :)


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Re: Autograph Stories
« Reply #164 on: October 20, 2010, 02:08:28 PM »
Tom Robbins and Tom Selleck.

Tom Robbins at a book signing - very, very nice guy.

Tom Selleck - one of the nicest people I have ever met - celebrity or otherwise. We were living in Hawaii - my dad was in the Marine Corps and they needed some military extras in some of the episodes from Magnum PI (season 6, I believe), so he was helping out. My mom took us to pick him up from the set one day and we got to go in and watch part of the taping. Dad brought him over and introduced him to all of us. He gave me a signed photograph and then kissed me on the cheek (SWOON)! I was all of 8 years old and that was the most exciting moment of my life to that point.

He was even dreamier in person!! Later that same year, he attended an air show on the base where we were stationed. He recognized my dad, who was there as an officiant, and asked him if he could come over to where he was sitting and meet his parents. How many celebrities do you know who would be that personable?
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