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Would this make me a bad hostess?

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I have one week until I'm defending my thesis.  (I took today off, I'll be working tonight.)  After the thesis is done, (and I've recovered) I want to celebrate with my friends (because I never host anything.)

One idea I'm kicking around is having a party (for grown up friends) at one of those paint your own pottery places.  (We did this once on a lark and it was fun for the grown ups in the evening.)  I was considering hosting and paying everyone's paint and kiln fees, but having them pay for their own pottery pieces.  (In case they want a table or something).

Is that rude of me to expect that?  (And I'd mention that in the invite.) 

The place used to allow some food in the evening sessions, so I'd probably bring soda and cups and such, maybe a veggie tray.  (Anything more would get in the way.) 

Any other suggestions welcome.  My apartment is too small to host anything, and I don't have a new job lined up yet so anything I do will be small.

Real Live Mermaids!:
That actually sounds like a lot of fun! ;D

Chocolate Cake:
If you have your guests supply or pay for any part of the event, that's fine, but don't set yourself up as the "hostess" or call it a "celebration party".   You are, at that point, the "coordinator" and I don't know what you'd call the event.    


It's less a congratulatory party than a 'thank god I'm done, but I won't work here anymore so let's do something fun together' type of thing.  I was going to invite some friends from work and other students.  5-6 people.  No fishing for gifts.  Also a bit of thanking them for their support and inviting me to things when I've been unable to reciprocate.  (And several of my friends are really into crafty stuff like I am, which is why I thought it might be fun.)

Harriet Jones:
It sounds ok to me, as long as it's in the same vein as other parties in your circle.  Could you specify the price range for the pieces on the invitation? Something like "Pieces start at $X" ...  You also might want to let people know that due to space, the only food will be the sodas & veggie tray.


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