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What does POD mean?

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--- Quote from: Etta Kett on July 20, 2011, 07:02:49 PM ---POD actually means "Post Of the Day." Synonym of FTW "For the win" (as in, your post wins the thread.) Meant to be used for the best post on a thread.

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Ive never heard that definition for POD.

I always thought it meant, I agree.

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On this board, it DOES mean I agree. Like Peas in a Pod. Just here though.

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It's actually not exclusive to here at all, it comes from another forum when this one used to be on Delphooey.  I think during that time, the term sort of migrated over to the EHell board.

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Cass said in the linked abbreviations post further up that it occurred during chat on Delphooey .. chat from ehell when it was there, not another forum.

I always think of pod people when I see it.  Then my mind drifts to soylent green.  Or maybe sheeple.


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