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Nobody seems to use the real words for anything here

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--- Quote from: marcel on December 19, 2009, 11:14:34 AM ---
--- Quote from: VorFemme on December 18, 2009, 07:11:43 PM ---I am one of those people who finds it easier to keep up with names than with letters.

I have to admit that I try to pick names out for my posts where they might "telegraph" some pertinent information about the person being talked about.  A loud mouth with recidivist tendencies would be likely to come out being called Archie Bunker, or possibly Archie Bunker's cousin, Bubba Bunker.  A recent example of a thread where someone used names mined from the popular culture as "shorthand" in introducing us to the situation's background and how it is playing out was using names from a famous comic book (Veronica, Archie, Betty, Moose, and so forth...........).

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That is actually a bad habit. You may think it telegraphs pertinent information, but what it actually does is creating a prejudice with the readers, before they have read the story, by coloring the person with character flaws that you see in them, and giving the readers a view of how that person comes across to you.

If you really want an unbiased opinion on an issue, from people that have nothing to do with the issue, it is better to use random names. There might still be the possibility, that one person knows someone with the same name, that colors his/her view, but at least not everybody is view will be colored by the name you use

My personal pet peeve is people using descriptions for stores, instead of their name. I know a little bit about American chains, so if you use their name I might know what store it is, but if you use descriptions, based on their looks or their commercials, then all you accomplish is to exclude non-Americans from the thread

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You are right - I hadn't thought it out that much..........but I tend to use random names myself.  My biggest issue can be keeping the names the same all the way through the post.  I need to work on setting up the search & replace feature in word processing.  That way I could write up the real names on the computer, run a search & replace with the chosen pseudonyms before copying and pasting to the forum.  But I don't know that I will ever get around to doing many other things to do!


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