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Author Topic: Tech Support/Call Center Etiquette  (Read 4705 times)

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Tech Support/Call Center Etiquette
« on: December 16, 2009, 05:03:57 AM »
Customers who call into a tech support call center/centre for help:

**There are some items we are simply either not allowed to do as we don't have the resources or the resources are limited for use by certain people in the department.  Often the limited resource items are going to be an extra cost to be used, don't yell at us or get mad if we can't accomodate your request or inform you of potential cost.  Some requests do take longer than others to be finished.

**Please be in front of your computer when you call for help for technical issues.  Not in your car driving please!  We need you in front of the computer to do certain items for us to help us find the problem & give you steps to correct the problem.

**Some types of help are extra cost.  Do not yell at us when we explain why.  The agents didn't make the decision to charge for certain types of help, and not others.  If you have a problem with costs, please contact our managers who made the decisions instead, and we can give you a generic manager email so you may contact them to make your complaints known.

**I know we are trained to be positive in responses to customers.  But keep in mind we may have to turn down your request because its: against the rules, illegal, will cost you extra money, etc, and yes the word No can be a complete sentence in rare instances. 

**Keep in mind when we say No to something, we will explain why.  Please don't behave like a child, and don't become abusive, argumentative, etc if its not an answer you want to hear.  Yes you may request my boss for further explanation.

**Yes we are to keep our cool and remain professional at all times even when you raise your voice, swear, etc.  We will document your actions, and keep in mind many calls are recorded randomly.  We also can press a button on our phone if you become nasty, and we do reserve the right to send you to our supervisor if you will not remain calm & swear, make threats, and more.  I understand that something isn't working right, we are doing what we can to resolve here in Level 1 support, if it can't we will send up a ticket to those above us for them to fix your issue as quick as we can.

**Please have certain types of information available when you call in for help.  We will ask your name and company name/website name as an example.  Certain questions will require items like account numbers, claim numbers, ticket numbers, etc may be requested for issues regarding billing or account changes.  If you call in for help a few times a week or month for various items/requests, its a good idea to keep information handy to answer our questions as we have many agents, and we are not excepted to know every customer's details off hand.

**We do offer support via email and chat as well.  Please treat the people who work those request lines with the same respect as the telephone agents.  They are trained the same and follow the same rules, they just use electronic formats to work customer requests/issues thats all.  If they say a certain item must handled via a phone call, don't argue with them on why, and they will make sure you have a way to reach phone support to get further help.

**If you feel your issue isn't being resolved in a timely manner, yes you can request a manager.  Please do allow the front line agent to do what they can to resolve the problem first as some managers will allow something to be done to diffuse an angry customer that is normally not done.  Some managers may not know all about your issue, and will handle only the customer service aspects not the technical or billing question you have.  They may even have authority to do more than the agent so be as calm as possible with them too.

**Many places do have plenty of resources for free online for their customers as well that contain Frequently Asked Questions, Knowledge Bases, Databases or other similar to help them with different items. 

**Some instances, many items can be done within a self service interface like changing billing details.  Do not take offense when we mention those items to you at any time during a contact to us.  Our managers may be requesting we mention them to customers on just about all calls/contacts where it is applicable.

**Do not yell at us or become abusive if we make an upsell or cross sell effort.  Simply saying No Thank You politely & in a normal tone of voice is enough.  You can also say something like I am not in authority to make a decision, I will pass it on to my boss, etc.   We are being required on majority of calls to do this by our management team, and yes we can be marked down if we don't make a good faith effort to upsell/cross sell.  There will be rare instances we will not make an offer to you, and that is often the agent's discretion if your reason for calling it would be not appropriate.

**Most places can and should be able to offer you an incident or ticket number of some kind to document your contact either verbally or in an email to you upon request. On certain things like billing requests, we will always ask if you would like a documentation / incident ticket number.

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