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Author Topic: Age Etiquette  (Read 22234 times)

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Re: Age Etiquette
« Reply #60 on: August 22, 2014, 09:07:37 PM »
You couldn't get me to go back to high school without paying me.

In fact, I've only been back work as a substitute teacher!  I ran into one of my previous teachers (was journalism - later art, if I recall correctly).  It was nice to see her - but I found that I missed nothing about that school.

There was a fire a few years later (lightning - nothing to do with me, I swear) and my "old" school was rebuilt.  I haven't been back since and have no desire to go back for a reunion.

Unless I can hire a helicopter to land me and pick me up because that's the only way to fit it into my schedule (need to get busy on writing that best seller, I guess)!

Amen to the bolded.

In my city, the end-all and be-all of achievement amongst the youth of my time was to get a job at Evil Oil Company.  When I took a position there post-college, I found several of my HS classmates.  One year, the chairman of the reunion committee visited me in my office (for the very first time ever!) to encourage me to purchase $80 tickets for myself and DH to attend the 30th reunion at some local well-worn restaurant.  I told her, "I look at you people every day and go to lunch at restaurant once a week, what makes you think I want to spend $160 to do the same thing on my day off?"  Needless to say, she huffed herself off and I didn't hear a peep out of her for the 35th.


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Re: Age Etiquette
« Reply #61 on: August 25, 2014, 10:24:15 PM »
A. I occasionally work at my old high school. Even knowing what I know now, you couldn't pay me enough to go back as a student.

B. I look much younger than I am, enough so that if I appeared in said high school hallways without my ID, other teachers would ask me for my hall pass. One would think that my fashion choices (far different from those of a student's!) would have given me away, but apparently not.

C. For any adult, speaking to another adult, in front of the second adult's offspring: Unless that offspring is incapable of speaking for herself, please direct any and all questions regarding said offspring TO THAT OFFSPRING. It is among my biggest pet peeves when I'm out with my mother and we run into someone she knows, and that person asks, "And how old is your daughter now?" as if I'm not even standing there. (StormwingMom is really good about that, usually going, "She's right there, why don't you ask her?")