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Keep in mind that your employers present or future may be checking on facebook stuff or other social networking sites:

*Don't post that you called off work sick and brag about the bargains you got at a local store the same day as an example.  Bad idea.

*Avoid posting about anything that happens in the work place that could come back and get you later.  If you need to vent before you get extremely angry about someone/something, do so in a private way where it will be hard to trace it back to you.

*Some people set up a separate Facebook account for friending co-workers.  Be careful who you friend within the workplace.  Be careful of any posting you make as it could come back to haunt you.  If you choose to have 1 or 2 pages depending on your work, ensure privacy as much as you can, and think before posting.

*Don't drink too much and worry about pictures of you showing up on your page or others pages in less than savory situations that are related to Scrabble or passed out cold as examples.

*If your current employer says Facebook isn't allowed to be visited only during certain times of the day or not at all, respect that.  You are there to work not keep updating it, playing games, posting to other people's profiles etc.

More on Friending/defriending:

*It is generally bad taste to call/email people and ask why they haven't friended you or accepted your friend request. It is also bad taste to ask their spouse/SO or other friends if they know why you haven't friended them.


*If you do not want to see millions of posts of quiz results/games or other FB applications, then learn how to hide these applications or person. Do not complain to this person or to other people that this person posts "too many quizes/games".

*Also, if you do not want to recieve quiz/game/application invites, then adjust your privacy settings so that you do not recieve them.

Wall Posts:

*Be aware that anything you post to the Wall can be read by everyone on your friend list unless you restrict it. be causous when posting or have what seems to be a private conversation on your Wall.

Game/quiz/application invites:

*You may want to only send invites to people on your list who you know would enjoy them.

*Do not be offended if you send people hearts/smiles/flowers/whatever and they don't post it. As mentioned above, everyone uses FB differently and they may not want too much "cutsie" stuff on their Wall.

Finally, yes FB is a fun, easy way to keep in contact with friends/family. Don't make it your only interaction with them though.


Is it rude to not join Facebook if a non-participating person gets 2 invitations?


--- Quote from: LauraLBW on December 22, 2009, 01:16:00 PM ---Is it rude to not join Facebook if a non-participating person gets 2 invitations?

--- End quote ---

I'm going to say no; no one is required by any etiquette rule to join Facebook for any reason.

Spin-off question ... is it rude to continually send someone Facebook invitations/friend requests after that someone has already said they aren't on Facebook? I've got seven from the same person over the span of three weeks. It's getting on my nerves. It's already bad enough that i no longer email this person because her netiquette is atrocious, now this.

Thank you, Hobish. I had wondered**.

In your situation, I think that 7 requests in 3 weeks is rude. Especially since you longer email this person. (I wonder why it's so important to this person that you join FB?)

**My siblings each sent me invitations, and I didn't know what to do about it. So I did some research: I read what other ehellions have said about FB, and talked to YoungestDD.

I've come to the conclusion that, for me, Facebook would be just something else that I would have to keep up with.  :-\

I'm going to do the polite thing. I'll call Bro and Sis to decline their invitations(and catch up with what's new with them  :) ).


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