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  • May 29, 2017, 08:45:57 PM

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Author Topic: Extended stay house guests - who does the laundry?  (Read 864 times)

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Re: Extended stay house guests - who does the laundry?
« Reply #15 on: Today at 06:07:04 PM »
I would just continue to do as you have been.  A washing machine is made to clean clothes, no matter whose they are.  I think he is being courteous leaving them with the laundry VS on the floor in a smelly pile.

I also think a extra charge to the water bill is part of having company.


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Re: Extended stay house guests - who does the laundry?
« Reply #16 on: Today at 07:04:44 PM »
If you don't want to do his laundry, let him know you won't be doing it anymore.  If you're uncertain as to the best approach, you might ask DH what the best way to put it would be.

In some places, the cost of the extra water/sewer usage is an issue.  It's not in other places.  That would factor into my decision if it were.

For example, one house we had was just barely outside the city limits, under county regulation.  This was about 15 years ago and we paid a flat rate of $35/month for water and sewer each.  Inside the city limits, water was metered and the bill started at $200/month while sewer was a flat rate of $75.  Under those circumstances I would make it clear that I would combine FIL's laundry with ours.
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