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how to freeze lasagna


is it better to freeze unbaked or baked? Reason I'm asking is I actually had some leftovers and if I freeze it, I wouldn't know how in the world to reheat without drying it out.  I'm used to having at least 6, but am now down to three.  Lasagna isn't something you can make alittle of. Thanks.

I freeze it cooked and cut into single portions - wrap well in plastic wrap or foil.

If you find it's a bit dry when reheated you can add a little bit of water to the pan before heating in the oven or container in the microwave - just a little.

I freeze it cooked. I feeze it in one of those food saver machines and then I boil the package to reheat. The lasagna comes out messy, but moist and delicious.

Do not freeze unbaked!  I did that once and the noodles got all funky.  Still edible, but I wouldn't do that again.  My mom always cooks it halfway before freezing, and her lasagna is yummy.

Harriet Jones:
I add a little bit of water and sauce when reheating frozen lasagna.

I've had no trouble freezing an uncooked pan either, but I use the no-boil noodles and follow the cook times on the package.


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