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I need a punch

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Just Lori:
No, really, I do.  We're celebrating my husband's grandma's 91st birthday, and I want a recipe that uses 7-up, some sort of fruit juices and sherbet.  Also, how do you make the ice ring?  Do you free some punch ahead of time in a bundt can?

Does anyone have a good punch recipe?

I've always seen it with 7up and *any* flavor sherbet. though I'm partial to lime and raspberry.  I think it's 3 parts soda to 1 part sherbet IIRC.  I've never seen it with an actual flavored ice ring, I thought that was part of the sherbet.  BUT, I think making one batch before just to make ice rings would be a great idea.  :)

Great.  Now I'm going to be singing the Hawaiian Punch song the rest of the night! :D

can you use alcohol? i always make a sangria type punch - soak fruit overnight in dry red wine, then mix it in the punch bowl with soda (like 7UP) and fruit juice.

my mother used to make punch "rings" in bundt-type pans, with juice, fruit, etc

I make my ice rings with 7 up or gingerale in a bundt pan and add some fresh fruit.


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