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The Basics of Good Hosting -- Formal Dinner Parties

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Out dogs are part of the family.  Just like children, they do not get locked in a room.

Resurrecting this to add:

If you are doing the serving, remember to serve the ladies before the gentlemen (but the GOH, if there is one, is served first of all, regardless of gender)

You serve from the left, clear plates from the right.

I've been at many semi-formal dinners at my mother's, and a couple of formal lunches/dinners for the presenting of awards/medals.

Library Dragon:
Let me resurrect this to beg and plead the host/hostess not seat spouses/BG-GF/partners next to each other.  You may need some smiles and "How fun this will be" comments.  It's a dinner party, not a date.

My grand-dog means the world the world means the world to me, but my guest with with a pathological fear of dogs will take priority at my dinner party.  I invited the guest and have an obligation to the guest.


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