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Re: all those questions they ask

My memory is unreliable, so I keep an emergency medical information sheet with me at all times. It lists my emergency contacts, my allergies, my medications (including OTC), my doctors' phone numbers, my chronic conditions, and history (a list of my surgeries & childhood diseases). In other words, the answers to the questions they always ask!

It has "Emergency medical information" in big letters, and a red cross. I keep one copy in my cell phone case, which dangles off my purse. (Some EMTs are not allowed to look in your purse.) It has a clear window, and I fold the sheet so the "Emergency medical information" and red cross show. I also keep a couple of spare copies in my purse, to hand to the nurses who interrogate me.

I just made 4 extra copies, because I'm having minor surgery on Thursday. It saves both them and me time. And I have been thanked many times for handing it over, and even complimented for being foresighted.


--- Quote from: RooRoo on October 09, 2012, 04:53:51 PM ---Re: all those questions they ask

My memory is unreliable, so I keep an emergency medical information sheet with me at all times.

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I love having one of those. I hate that it isn't big enough for all my surgeries.

As a hospital worker, I love those lists.  It save so much time when I can just write 'see list' and attach it to the file rather than having to write it all down time after time.

Be sensitive to patients with mental health problems.  This includes people presenting with self-inflicted damage resulting from mental illness.  A good referral to a mental health practitioner will do a lot more than fussing over how much of a bad idea that was.

My particular incident was a regular doctor rather than an ER, but I've heard many similar stories about problems in the ER, people being accused of "wasting time" or "being stupid," and the like.  Judging a mentally ill person for their symptoms does little more than encourage them to not seek help next time.

Garden Goblin:
Re: mental conditions (along with a few other things)

Quick note to certain members of a particular hospital's staff - depressed does not equal stupid or deaf.  Bipolar does not equal hard of hearing or come with an inability to understand words larger than two syllables.  Hard of hearing does not mean blind.  Blind does not mean deaf and/or stupid.  Mildly retarded does not automatically equate to unable to dress or feed oneself, nor does it mean diapers.  Schizophrenic does not automatically equate to violent or suicidal.  And for the love of little green frogs, anxiety disorders DO mean don't keep a person in suspense or keep reminding them that whatever problem they had could be/get a lot worse.


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