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My friend Jess hosts barbecues and dinner parties quite frequently. She and I take turns hosting: One weekend, it will be at her place, and another weekend, it will be at my place. The person who is hosting always provides the food and drink, with the others bringing what they want/can afford. No one is ever expected to bring anything to these parties, but most of us bring something anyway, like chips/pop/burgers/whatever, with the exception of one of the guests (another ehell story by itself).

Now, these parties usually have alcoholic beverages as well as non-alcoholic beverages. The drink of choice is usually beer. I have no problem providing beer for my guests, but I myself cannot stand the taste of beer. I cannot stand the taste of a lot of alcohol unless it is mixed with something sweet.  In most cases, I provide rum or vodka coolers to those people who do not like beer or straight alcohol.

However, is it rude of me to go to Jess's house and bring my own coolers? When I bring coolers, I make sure that there are enough for everyone present, so it's not like I'm just bringing them for myself and no one else is allowed to have any.  No one seems to have a problem with this because a) I am providing my own drink, and not expecting my hosts to provide them for me and b) Everyone is welcome to help themselves to my coolers. I'd just like to know if what I'm doing is not correct etiquette-wise, and how to solve this problem.

As long as the coolers are available to everyone, and the event is in the form of a potluck, I don't think it would be rude of you to bring them.

But, if the event were not a potluck, and/or you intended the coolers only for your own use, I think that would be rude.

I agree with Keen Reader, but that's assuming that Jess (the other hostess) doesn't have a problem with it for some reason.

Yours sound better anyway!

Clara Bow:
Bring coolers and sit next to me. I like Bartle and James fuzzy navels.


--- Quote from: Auntie Venom on June 03, 2007, 03:01:41 PM ---Bring coolers and sit next to me. I like Bartle and James fuzzy navels.

--- End quote ---

Total off-topic: I used to enjoy fuzzy navels (regular ones), but one night in the fall of 1986, I was in the middle of one I just couldn't finish. All of a sudden, my sip of fuzzy navel made me ill. Yes, that kind of ill.

It turned out I was pregnant.

I haven't had a fuzzy navel since.


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