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Author Topic: Why did you make the burgers so small? *vent*  (Read 9873 times)

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Re: Why did you make the burgers so small? *vent*
« Reply #45 on: June 14, 2007, 10:21:20 AM »
I apologise, kingsrings, for bringing up unpleasant memories  ;)
I would have assumed that since the person holding the tongs and standing behind the BBQ had volunteered to prepare and cook the meal, that they did actually have some idea how to do it! But apparently this is not obvious to some of our colleagues!

And the not eating what you've taken is also a pet peeve. I made a rice and corn salad which had garlic in the dressing. A friend asked if it contained garlic to which I answered "yes, two cloves". She piled a big load onto her plate, took a forkful and went "eugh, too much garlic!" and proceeded to plonk the plate on the grass under her chair for the ants to have a little party. It was such a waste!


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Re: Why did you make the burgers so small? *vent*
« Reply #46 on: June 14, 2007, 05:37:03 PM »
if I had a friend who made burger balls instead of burger patties, I think I'd probably laugh too --- most friendship circles are relaxed enough to make a joke out of something like that

in fact if people just ignored my totally incompetent burgers I might feel a little hurt - like they thought I was too fragile or too actually incompetent to josh with when mini disaster strikes the barbeque


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Re: Why did you make the burgers so small? *vent*
« Reply #47 on: June 14, 2007, 06:33:46 PM »
As a mini update, one of my friends actually followed up on the weeds several days later!

Him: "You guys really need to landscape that front yard!"
Me: "You know what?  We've already pulled every one of those weeds and it's not your business anyways!"
Him: starts to complain some more
Me: "I'm not talking to you about this."

And I changed the subject.  It wasn't witty, I'm sorry, but it was so dingdangity irritating it was all I could do to not rip him a new one!  This friend means well, and is a stand up guy whenever you need him, but darn if his mouth doesn't get him into constant trouble!  >:(

This guy would be permanently off my guest list.  Everyone screws up and says something dumb occasionally, but this guy went beyond. 

I'm sorry people nitpicked you.  Really, it's not so hard to just not eat the extra corner of the bun if the burger is smaller than the bun.  In fact, I usually do it on purpose... leaves me room for another couple of bites of potato salad  ;D