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Help with Gift Bags for 50th Birthday Cruise

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My husband is turning 50 next month.  To celebrate we sent out invitations letting our friends and family know we were taking a 3 night (Friday - Monday) Baja cruise and welcomed them to join us in the celebration.

We set this up through a travel agent, and received discounts on the room for a group rate.  30 people (15 cabins) reserved through the agent and we are all set to go next month.

Now I would like to do something for all the people that will be joining us.  I was thinking about doing a gift bag for each guest and I would also like to do some type of personalized 50th thing (playing cards with a photo of DH on each one, Towel, T-shirts, etc... Haven't decided which way to go but I know I need to do it quick!)

Within cost boundaries what things would you suggest I put in the gift bags for each guest. 

I will have to carry these with me to the ship (ughhh.. and am not even sure how I am going to be able to pass these all out!)

All but 3 of the cabins are 'Couples'.  (the other 3 are friends traveling together)

Should I do a gift bag for each guest, or each cabin?

I would love to hear from people who did something like this for a cruise.

Ideas I've come up with:
Sunscreen Lotion

:)  Nice long list, don't you thing :)

Flip flops (you can usually find them cheap, like $1 a pair)
nail file (people always forget to pack one!)
Beach safe (one of those plastic containers that hangs around your neck & is water tight, again usually less than $2)
Beach/pool inflatables (last week Toys R Us had [adult size) mats & tubes for $2.99 & $1.99 respectively) (one per couple is fine with these for sure!)
a magazine or paperback book (cheap & trashy reading material can be fun on vacation!)

Sibby's suggestions are perfect!  The only thing I would add is maybe disposable cameras.  If I recall correctly, when we bought these for the tables at our wedding (9 years ago) they were around $4.00 each.  If people turn those back in when they depart, you can do an online album (like Shutterbug?) and send the link to all attendees.

I like the ideas posted.

I just want to add that if I were a guest, the last thing I'd want is something rather large and/or cumbersome that I'd feel obligated to bring home.  So, if it's small and/or consumeable, it should be good to go.

Good Point TwinkleToes!!

We are all local, and will be all driving to the port.  So no one will have to carry anything excessive.

I am thinking about buying inexpensive tote-bags for each person.

I found a great website that sells travel-size stuff for good prices:

Here is what I have so far:

These are all travel size items
Snap! Sunscreen SPF 30 (2 for each person)
Generic Nail Clipper
Wisdom Floss Travel Size
Clear eyes® Handy Pocket Pal®
Alka Seltzer® Morning Relief (2-pack)
Zantac® 75
Dramamine® Chewable Formula
Vaseline® Lip Therapy Tube - Advanced Formula
Trojan® Very Sensitive Lubricated Condom  (only for our single friends :)  don't worry they won't be offended.. they will be amused)
Wrigley's Doublemint® Chewing Gum

I will then pick up some Nail Files and disposable cameras....

I am also going to make up the following:
List of names and cabin#'s of all the guests in our group
Folding print-out map of all the decks on the ship

Other suggestions/ideas appreciated!


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