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Road Angels


I went to pick up Loren today to take her to the Natural History Museum with her cousin. We stopped for breakfast, when we came out a gentleman informed me one of my tires was low. I thanked him, and drove directly to a gas station. A gentleman was changing his tire and filling it with air. I pulled up next to him and cracked the windows for Loren.

I fully intended to wait my turn, but the gentleman insisted on checking all 4 of my tires (they were all low) and filling them up. He said he had 2 young kids and he didn't want Loren to get cold. Loren told him we were going to see the dinosaurs (Natural History Museum). Turns out he was new to the area, so I told him about the different museums and what they had for kids.

I usually check my tires each Sunday when I fill up for the week. But last week the pump was broken, and this week I was feeling bad.

What a nice story!


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