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Microsoft Horror Stories
« on: Yesterday at 09:17:08 AM »
I didnít want to derail the impossible tasks subject, so I thought Iíd open a new subject heading for peopleís horror stories involving Microsoft.  Maybe Iím alone in this, but I have a feeling there are more than a few people who have experience a complete meltdown of a Microsoft product or their support.

Here is my latest:
I keep a spreadsheet of all my user names and passwords.  The spreadsheet itself is password protected, but I have over 75 different user names and passwords in this list.  Some of them I rarely use, some I use on an almost daily basis and then there are the ones that fall in between.

Two days ago, I had a message pop up that my laptop had updates installed and my system was going to automatically reboot at 3:00am on Thursday morning.  At the end of the day on Wednesday, I closed all my files and shutdown all applications and I rebooted my laptop.  When I logged back on Thursday morning, my password spreadsheet was gone.  All it showed was a ghost file, one that you see when a file is open itís a greyed-out icon with a ~$ next to the file name.  The actual file is gone.

I had prepared for such a scenario by keeping a backup copy.  The file I use is kept on an external hard drive, I have a copy on my local hard drive.  I tried to open it, and I got an error message that the file canít be open because the file extension or the file format is invalid.  Now this is a separate file from the one that is missing.  This file has not been opened in a while, but Iíve done nothing to it, itís a normal Excel file but Excel wonít open it.

Itís latest version of Excel, Excel 2016 and we are using Office365.  Iíve tried opening it using the repair option, and the extract data option (Do these things ever work.  I donít think Iíve ever had a Microsoft fix work once in the over twenty years Iíve been working with their products)

So I figure, I can still beat this.  I have my old Windows 7 laptop sitting behind me.  It has a copy of the spreadsheet.  Granted itís about two months old now so there are a few accounts that will be out of date, but it will have most the information I need.

I boot up the laptop and go to log in with my old credentials, and they no longer work.  I know Iím using the correct credentials, I have some emails where the user name and password were documented, but itís a no go.  Ok, not a problem, I pull the hard drive and put it in a hard drive enclosure I have.  I then connect the enclosed hard drive to my current laptop.
I can see all the files on the old hard drive, I must grant permission to current user account to the files on the old hard drive, but that works and I have access to all the files.  I pull up the old spreadsheet, I go to open it, and I get the same error message.
There is absolutely no reason to get this error message.  This is a perfectly good file, nothing has been done to it, but it wonít open. I can open every other excel and .csv file on my computer, but it wonít open my password file.  Iím thinking itís because this is the one file I have password protected and something happened in the wonderful updates that get pushed down on us that wonít allow me to open the file.  The only thing that throws a bit of a hold in that theory is that I was able to find a copy of the file from three years ago.  Its password protected, but I could open it.  Granted that file was not created in Excel 2017, I believe that was from Office 2010.

Thank you, Microsoft, for once again making my life ten times harder than it needs to be. Iím sick and tired of always having to fight my way through your products.  You feed us crap, and tell us itís a T-Bone steak.


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Re: Microsoft Horror Stories
« Reply #1 on: Yesterday at 12:34:46 PM »
Have you tried using OpenOffice?
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Re: Microsoft Horror Stories
« Reply #2 on: Yesterday at 01:12:52 PM »
Or Google Sheets/Google Docs in Google Drive.

I bought the premium version of aWallet Cloud, which is a password ap that lets you upload & download csv files, and others.  I think it was about $5. Plus, you have it on your phone so you can access your passwords from anywhere. 

Yeah, I'm pretty convinced that needing to contact MS support is one of the circles of Hell. We're getting a "time served" credit on our karma balance.  I don't even bother.  I just take it to our IT guy to see if they can retrieve the file or fix the problem.  Mine have always been able to. It's not that expensive if you use an independent business. 

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Re: Microsoft Horror Stories
« Reply #3 on: Yesterday at 02:05:29 PM »
You sound like you are way more tech savvy than I am but I'll tell you what happened to me the other day, and maybe it will work for you.

I have an Excel spreadsheet that has all of my wedding planning in it.  I've just been right clicking on the Excel icon and pulling it up from there.  I went to open it on Saturday and it said it was no longer there?  What?  *cue mild panic*

So I go to 'Documents' and open up the folder the file is in and try to open the file.  It won't open.  *cue moderate panic*

At this point, I handed the computer over to my friend.  She had the same issues.  But then she opened up Excel and used 'File' 'Open' and it opened just fine.  Seriously?  Way to give me a heart attack, Microsoft.

So I have renamed the file and saved it again to ensure I have multiple copies saved and I've dumped it onto a thumb drive, as well.
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