Author Topic: Request About Identifying People in Threads  (Read 84 times)

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Request About Identifying People in Threads
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I would like to make a polite request about using names on the forum here.  I've noticed a trend where posters will start talking about someone by name without identifying who the person is in relation to them.  To give a recent example: a poster was talking about how she was at a zoo and "Loren" yelled at some little boys who were being rude without identifying who Loren even was.  Is she a friend?  A daughter?  Should I know who she is?

I've noticed a few other posters do that here as well and I have no clue who these people are or if there is a backstory that I should know.  I would like to politely suggest that people either use the common identifiers like dear daughter, dear friend, etc. or identifiers attached to the names like dear daughter + Name, etc. so that people know who you're talking about.  I think this is important because we have lots of people on this forum and sometimes I don't remember back stories for everyone so identifying people by relationships gives me a good idea about relationships, ages, etc.  Plus, I think this helps newer members who might not understand who other posters are talking about or the backstory involved.

To be honest, the only non-identifier individual that I can readily identify is Stonecold and that's only because she's so infamous on this thread.

Respectfully Yours,
Dirty Weasel