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Author Topic: What went wrong at your wedding  (Read 19273 times)

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Re: What went wrong at your wedding
« Reply #210 on: Today at 12:55:51 PM »
Not so much a wrong, but just strange (in a good way).

I was on another forum where a poster told the story of her outdoor wedding at a state park. The minister was in the middle of doing his thing when there was a sudden firestorm of clicking and flashing. It seems a dozen or so Japanese tourists had followed an open trail and ended up stumbling into the reserved site by accident. They ended up taking hundreds of pictures and pitching in a couple hundred dollars as a wedding gift. The poster thought the whole thing was funny and sweet (in a weird way) and shared plates of barbecue and bites of the wedding cake with the gate crashers.

One year, a local-to-me science fiction convention ended up with a wedding reception in the room next door to their costume contest (aka the Masquerade, for those familiar with convention jargon). The bridal couple totally rolled with it, and the bride ended up having her picture taken with an honor guard of Klingons. I'm not sure the couple would describe it as "something that went wrong," though!

Maybe we need a "Things that went weirdly right at my wedding" thread....

Like this

(Edited to add the link.  ::) )
These three stories just made my day!

It would be worth getting married just to have a Klingon Honour Guard.

 ;D - well, if you ever need a Klingon Honor Guard, I can probably help you figure out how to arrange it!

I love the story about the Queen showing up to the wedding, too. It sounds like she made that couple's day!

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Re: What went wrong at your wedding
« Reply #211 on: Today at 07:10:46 PM »
Ours was an adventure- we got married 4 months after my father died. My mother-in-law was late, her husband didn't show up at all (he claimed he couldn't find the justice of the peace's office. I was waving at him from the parking lot, in my dress.) Then, after the wedding, I got stuck in my wedding dress, which was strapless. The zipper completed separated. My mother was panicking, my sister was laughing hysterically, my husband ran in with a huge pair of Channellock pliers, and I ended up snipping the zipper. Once I got extricated, we went out to dinner and I called the seamstress, who picked up the dress and replaced the zipper so I could wear it to our reception, which was the next day at our home and very low key. I got some great stories out of it, that's for sure!


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Re: What went wrong at your wedding
« Reply #212 on: Today at 10:10:34 PM »
I have never been married, but my mom had something interesting happen at her wedding. Overall things went well; the weather was nice, hair and makeup were fine, and everyone in my family was getting along.
What went wrong was that one of her friends decided to bring a date to the wedding, uninvited. A blind date who would meet her at the wedding. Which, for some reason, the friend ended up not showing up to. But her date did and he proceeded to get incredibly drunk at the reception. He then decided that my mother was way too good for my father and hit on her extensively. At her wedding reception. I think Momended up spending money just to get him a cab and away from the venue.

My parents also got a live goat as a wedding present, but they're evenly split as to if that's something that went wrong.

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