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Some people seem inclined to commit professional suicide!  Our project team is located in one building, and we sometimes need to travel to another location about a mile away to work on other IT systems located there.  (Because of the nature of our work I have to be just a wee bit vague here... so please understand.)  Anyhow, today Bob says he's headed to the other building to do some work.  From my workstation I can sometimes see who's online, but today didn't see him.  A few of my co-workers are active on Facebook and check frequently for updates during the day.  They've also all befriended each other there.  One co-worker IM'd me to come to his office where he had his Facebook open, and there is an update from Bob saying something about FedEx having just dropped some new XBox game and him spending the day trying it out... and it was posted an hour earlier!  Busted!!!   :o

What boggles my mind is that our line of work is very hard to get in to, and working for the customer we do is even harder.  It took me two years of enduring investigations to be accepted for work here.  To risk it by doing this and then announcing it on Facebook seems like tempting fate a bit too much!   ::)

At one of DH's previous jobs, an employee walked a laser printer out to the parking lot and put it in the trunk of his car in the parking lot that was in full view of the floor-to-ceiling plate glass windows of the office suite.  So, his action was witnessed (and narrated) by 15 or 20 people.  "Is Fred putting one of our printers in his car?  Is there a printer missing?  Oh, yes, over there by Joe's office..."  Then, when confronted, he lied.

When will people learn?  I truly don't get how people can be so dumb, it's not like FB and work being iffy is a new concept it's been talked about for years now. 

rose red:
Yowsa.  You sound like you work in some scary high security big-brother-is-watching kind of place.  How can silver and gold medalist be so dumb?

Miss Misha:
Thankfully I didn't have a mouthful of tea when I read this thread or I'd need a new laptop.  The honorable mention one is priceless!


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