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Professional Darwinism: Update to OP on p.74

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--- Quote from: mmswm on November 25, 2012, 10:42:20 PM ---There's a time and a place for pretty nearly everything.  My favorite photo of my late uncle is of him wearing a women's top, thong, 4 inch stiletto heels (okay, so he was an interesting character) smoking in front of a sign that says "No Smoking within 10 feet of this sign". That type of photo is amusing.  The photo in the article goes way beyond the pale. I can't think of a single way to justify such disrespect for our fallen.
--- End quote ---

Exactly. We once came across an outdoor market which featured a prominent sign on the wall saying 'No Clothing beyond this point' (obviously meaning no un-purchased clothing) and we took a very hilarious picture of my mother standing under the sign pretending she's unbuttoning her blouse. That was funny, this is not. 

Slartibartfast, I was in a similar situation - smaller group of volunteers, though.  When the chair took her ball and went home, I know the top staff person was very worried, but after last year, he's so much happier.  It has become so much easier to get volunteers and no one is refusing to volunteer again this year because of problems last year.  It wasn't as smooth as it could have been but it ws so much nicer for me (I wasn't going to do anything last year until the chair left because just the idea of working with her was making me sick).  This is my last year doing a certain job, but that is because I don't want to turn into someone like that - let someone else come in and make certain decisions and maybe even do it completely different than how I did it.  Change can be very good.

Reverse PD-(where admin makes a good one leave)-

A friend of mine told me that the day before T-Day break, a favorite teacher at a part-time preschool (only 2-3 days a week, for a half day) of many years had resigned.  So many parents called to complain and question why she was leaving without notice that a board meeting was called.  Seems that a new admin had come on this year, and had plans to get this long-time school accredited.  Favorite teacher was apparently told to not do her traditional T-Day gathering with chicken nuggets and singing for the parents, complete with festive decorations, but she did anyway, as has been tradition for many years in her room.
(One room per age group, a small school)

Also, the parents were told at the meeting that Favorite Teacher focused too much oh showing letters to the children 2nd semester, and that the reason it takes so long for kids to learn to read is that they are introduced to letters and sounds too young.  Once they are ready, most kids can learn to read "in two weeks."

(Perhaps that bit should go into brain hurty/asplodey?!?)

So, Favorite Teacher was too traditional and too educational, so she had to be let go so they could focus on streamlining for accreditation.

My friend asked, "does the newly hired replacement teacher have all the supplies needed?"
"Oh, yes, she will be given curriculum and all the supplies necessary."

Cue the first day after break, and the room is stripped bare.  The play kitchen, the curtains, the storage containers full of homemade games and manipulatives, the lesson plans and such, all gone.  This was all personal property of Favorite Teacher for years and years, that she collected and made and shared.

The admin/board tossed some leftover items from other rooms to fill it out a bit, but what they will find out in January is that the wonderful old teacher's co-teacher is also leaving, to co-teach with her in a newly rented and licensed private facility, and that over half the parents have already committed to following her there.

So, the new admin, by getting rid of Favorite Teacher, also lost a co-teacher, years of supplies, will have to spend lots of money to fill the void, and oh,yeah, locate another dozen students or so...

(I am sure there is more to the story, but it is fact that she left abruptly and is opening a new place and many parents followed her, especially after a BS board meeting.)

(In this area, accreditation is not such a big deal for part-time preschools, esp. if run by a church.  But, if this one wants to jump through hoops, it is their choice!  Just do not think they thought about checking with the parents first...many non-accredited part-time preschools have waiting lists for the fall after registration in January.)

True or false: A good way to let your employer know you are unhappy is to hack into coworkers' email accounts and send abusive messages to a customer.

Didn't like your holiday? (Language warning)

The story is mostly from the customer's viewpoint, but the employee now not only doesn't have a job, but may also be, to use a  British euphemism, "assisting police with their inquiries."

This one has not completely played out, but someone has already suffered the consequences.  BG: at the DMV, we do not accept gifts of any kind.  Not even a plate of cookies at Christmas time.  Once a year, we review the list of activities that can result in termination: accepting a gift is at the top of the list.  (I once had a grateful customer drop off a potted orchid for me.  I didn't even know who the customer was, but I donated the flower to an assisted living facility and made sure that my supervisors knew that I had handled it appropriately -- this is how serious this infraction is).  End BG

At our last quarterly manager's meeting, my region manager let us know how fed up she is with employees making really stupid decisions, and then trying to cover them up.

At the time, I had no idea what she was talking about.  I later found out: a car dealership was buying lunches and goodies for the staff at one of the DMV offices.  The assistant manager definitely knew what was going on, but attempted to lie about it when confronted.  She is gone for good.

It was unclear whether the regular manager also knew, so she is suspended pending investigation.

The one thing that they constantly remind us of, and it is the thing you did.  Wow.  Just wow.


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