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Professional Darwinism: Update to OP on p.74

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I finally have a story to add!!

Background:  I work at a museum.  There are security cameras everywhere - including "behind the scenes" where only staff are allowed.  These security cameras are not necessarily watched and monitored 24/7, but the tapes always get reviewed the next day.

Story:  One Sunday evening (after the museum is closed), off-duty security officer Alan comes to pick up his paycheck.  Alan ends up talking to on-duty security officer Bob and on-duty security manager Carl.  Bob gets some sort of pill out of his locker and gives it to Alan.  Alan subsequently passes out.  Carl and Bob determine the best course of action is to somehow wake Alan up, carry/escort Alan out to his car and let him leave.  At no time did anyone think to call emergency services or to report the incident to higher ups.

Security tapes were reviewed on Monday.  We now have openings for two security guards and one security manager.

Spriggy: Just what the e-heck??????  They let the passed out guy drive away?

My boss told me this tale that happened about 15 years ago.  The company interviewed for a new receptionist, and the president decided who he wanted to hire and called the applicant to offer the job.  Everyone was surprised to see a different applicant at the reception desk the next week - apparently the president had mixed up which resume went with which person and had offered the job to the wrong applicant.  Oh well, we'll see how this works out, was the decision.  Fast forward a few months.  The receptionist wasn't particularly well liked, but she wasn't completely incompetent either.  Things were okay.  There was a conferenc in New Orleans and the president, vice president and for some reason the receptionist flew to the conference and attended the first day.  The second day, the president, vice president and receptionist attended the morning session and then parted ways for lunch.  The receptionist was never heard from again.  Like, never.  She was not on the plane home the following day.  She never showed up for work or collected her belongings.  No one ever called looking for her.  Nothing.  She just vanished.  I asked my boss why they didn't follow up or report her as missing.  He said they just didn't really think about it.  That seriously blows my mind!  I really wonder what happened.  I am going on a trip to New Orleans with my boss in a few months and I am a little concerned that I might disappear too!  :)

No one called the police??? Did anyone ever do anything?

Garden Goblin:

--- Quote from: Morticia on February 14, 2013, 11:33:30 AM ---DH's work had one recently. They are are hired to work 8 hour days and then be on call until next morning.  Our candidate takes the job.  He is on call. He is texted that he has a call. He replies that he is not taking it. He is busy.  :o This happened more than once, that shift. They found someone to replace him who understood the meaning of "on call".

--- End quote ---

This actually reminds me of an anti-professional darwinism story.

New kid had his first 'on-call shift'.  He was at a library about a mile from the place of business when he got paged.  He went out to his car, went to put the key in the door, and realized his tire was flat.  Instead of calling in or even spending the 20 minutes or so it would take to change the tire first, he grabbed his backpack and took off at a dead run, making it to the office within ten minutes of when the page went out.  His boss had some difficulty not laughing at him, but was apparently impressed.


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