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Professional Darwinism: Update to OP on p.74

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--- Quote from: Shalamar on April 09, 2013, 03:59:02 PM ---That reminds me of when my parents' favorite restaurant moved to a new location.  My folks went to have dinner at the new place, and they chatted to the owner while they waited for their food.  The owner said happily "Oh, we love it here.  The old place was so DIRTY.  You wouldn't believe how DIRTY it was."

My poor parents had frozen smiles on their faces, and meanwhile they kept thinking "Oh God, how many times did we eat there?"

They never went back to the new location, even if it was less DIRTY.

--- End quote ---

It's amazing how a simple turn of a phrase can make all the difference.  In a similar situation, a favorite restaurant of mine moved locations several years ago.  In talking to the manager he was all excited because the new place was so much easier to keep clean.  The old place was so difficult to keep clean, and his staff spent so much time cleaning that it was more difficult to wait on his customers.  Now that his staff didn't have to spend so much time cleaning, the could really focus on providing great service!

My friend works at a local law firm who was hiring more document readers.  The hiring director came to talk to her about an applicant because he was on Law review as my friend is, but a year behind.  Apparently the student had completely knocked himself out of the running for the position after harassing her with a phone call every half hour for 2 hours until she picked up the phone to tell him to stop calling.

Forgot one: A small restaurant in my town (not the one above) closed down because the economy hit them really hard. It was run by a mother and daughter team that everyone was fond of. It was absolutely packed every day with construction guys, church groups, county workers and locals. A second restaurant eventually moved into their old space. One of the former waitresses from restaurant #1 was then hired by restaurant #2. Let's call the waitress Ditzy Debbie. Debbie was the only subpar waitress at restaurant #1; all the other ladies were fantastic servers. You had to remind Debbie repeatedly "You didn't bring my beans", "You went to see if there was any desserts left" and "I was waiting for the bill and to go container." And even after those reminders, there was a 90% chance Debbie would go off to fix that problem and forget yet again ::) She wasn't a mean person, just annoyingly scatter brained.

After a few weeks at restaurant #2, Debbie started telling customers "Oh man, every time people come in and see me, they immediately leave. I have to run out to the parking lot to tell them 'Don't worry, this isn't run by Beloved Mom & Daughter anymore, come back in! It's a completely differerent restaurant. Beloved Mom & Daughter aren't involved in this new restaurant'." She did that on a couple different occasions, and everyone in the restaurant heard her loud and clear. I haven't seen Debbie there in several months, although she does shop where I work. I don't miss Debbie too much  >:D

Midnight Kitty:

--- Quote from: Cami on April 09, 2013, 04:02:01 PM ---I wrote the scenario in a very generic way. To explain why our system does not work the way yours does would be to provide too much information. You'll just have to take my word for it that our system works the way it works.
--- End quote ---
I can do that. ;D

Geez, TeamBhakta!  I wonder how long it took before someone couldn't stand it anymore and said "It's not Beloved Mother and Daughter we're trying to avoid, it's YOU!"


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