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Professional Darwinism: Update to OP on p.74

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If he doesn't want to be employed, I am sure another, better teacher can be found to replace him.

It is notoriously hard to be fired by our district.  You pretty much have to punch a kid or play scrabble with a kid ... and even then.  Word is that he's off to another school next year, this is known in our district as "the dance of the lemons."

Finally finished reding all 234 pages of this thread! Took me just under a week to finish this!

I have a story to share about my ex-student who became an ex-colleague.

Marianne was previously a student who spent a couple of years continuously failing all her exams. After her third appearance with the academic intervention panel, she was excluded from the program.

She went to another university, did a different course, and graduated. Then she applied for a job as an admin staff with our program. So far so good.

Now because Marianne was previously a student in this program, she is friends with many of our students, though most of them had graduated by then. However due to certain circumstances, some of her ex-classmates were still studying in the program.

Marianne, being now an admin staff, had access to student records which was given so that she could enter data of new students. She used her access to look at her friends' records. If that were not bad enough, she started talking to other ex-classmates, gossiping about how "Johnny was always boasting about getting highest grades, but actually he was just barely passing..can you believe that????" Or how "Max told everyone he graduated but he is actually still enrolled as a student!" Or "Wow, Jane failed Advanced XYZ Class three times!".

If that wasn't brazen enough, some of these discussions took place on Facebook. Where she had also friended me, several other academic and admin staff as well as her direct supervisor.

Until today, she still claims that she was let go off because her direct supervisor was jealous of her popularity.  ::) ::) ::)

Wow, I work in education and can't imagine doing such a thing! I hope she finds another profession.

This one is Professional Darwinism just waiting to happen....

There has been a big reorganization of our department - 3 smaller departments have merged into one.  The Big Boss had a meeting with all 3 leadership teams about a week ago.  One leadership member from one of the other departments was recently demoted (why not fired I'll never know) for gross incompetence.  At the meeting with Big Boss he asked if she felt challenged in her job.   Her response was that no she didn't feel challenged and was pretty bored by it all.

I'm thinking that Big Boss will be more than happy to help her find a more challenging position.......elsewhere.

Time to make popcorn.


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