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Professional Darwinism: Update to OP on p.74

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--- Quote from: EveLGenius on August 08, 2013, 09:01:37 PM ---Oooooh boy, someone (actually multiple someones) just committed PD in a BIG way. 

Someone published an article in a scientific journal.  In that article, there's a simple line of text that somehow wasn't caught by the primary author, the primary author's boss, or the EDITOR of the journal.  That simple line of text instructs one of the authors to "make up an elemental analysis"- as in, fake the results.

--- End quote ---
'Make up' is a rather ambiguous phrase. It could mean 'fabricate out of nothing'...or it can mean 'construct', as in 'Before I left the house, I made up my bed.'

An acquaintance “Doug” is extremely socially inappropriate, especially about women. He frequents strip clubs and often claims that the strippers are his friends (which they are, as long as the money keeps flowing).

Doug has a PT job as a media “personality” for a conservative non-profit organization, which gave their “personalities” pages on the organization’s web site.  Doug posted photos and stories about his stripper “friends”.  He was immediately ordered to delete this material, but his page links to his blog, which is a stripper fest.  I’m guessing that the organization hasn’t yet noticed the link.

Doug once blogged about helping a stripper move and giving her rent money.  In the next paragraph, he whined about not being able to afford his prescription medication.

Doug is actually a nice guy, but any suggestion that he needs to tone things down is met with indignation and cries of “I’m just being honest”.

gramma dishes:

--- Quote from: CrazyDaffodilLady on August 11, 2013, 06:38:08 PM ---... “I’m just being honest”. ...

--- End quote ---

Well, Doug.  You're certainly being something, but 'honest' wasn't the first word that came to mind. 

I can think of lots and lots of adjectives to describe you.  'Honest' would not be among them.

Someone needs to tell Doug that honesty doesn't mean telling everyone everything.
We're not interested in hearing about that big boil on his posterior, either.  >:D

He's being honest about his delusion that all those women are really his girlfriends, just because they undress in his presence.


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