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Professional Darwinism: Update to OP on p.74

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Someone who worked under my husband snuck onto a MILITARY airfield. When this individual was detained, the explanation given was that the landing strip lights were "soothing".


--- Quote from: Goosey on August 02, 2013, 03:06:19 PM ---Someone who worked under my husband snuck onto a MILITARY airfield. When this individual was detained, the explanation given was that the landing strip lights were "soothing".

--- End quote ---

Oh, dear, that can't be a good sign.

Potential Professional Darwinism.  The radio station has one of those morning call-in shows, and apparently a woman called in about a co-worker that she described as the Boss' Pet.  The co-worker is taking care of the boss' dog while boss is on vacation.  Caller overheard Co-worker making arrangements to leave the dog at a doggie day care.  Now, I didn't hear the original call to the station, but apparently Caller resents this as an example of Co-worker's over-the-top sucking up to the boss.  ::)  Monday morning, Caller plans to inform Boss of what Co-worker did.  Judging from the snippet I heard, Caller is almost gloating about this.

There are sooooo many things wrong with this picture.  Possible responses from Boss:

1.  And this is your business because . . . ?
2.  That was the arrangement.  Dog stays there during the day and at Co-worker's home at night.  Why do you care?
3.  I think it was a very nice thing to do.  Why do you care?
4.  It's a shame you don't seem to care about your work as much as you care about my vacation arrangements.  Perhaps we need to re-evaluate your continued presence at this company.

According to the ad, Caller is supposed to call back with the results on Monday.  Unfortunately, I'll probably miss the results since I don't like this call-in show enough to actually listen to it.

Midnight Kitty:
So ... magicdomino ... it sounds like the Boss's Pet is petsitting the Boss's pet. >:D

Midnight Kitty:
An employee who works for a friend of mine might be committing PD.

My friend (Boss) told her Employee to contact me and tell me X, Y, and Z.  Employee emailed me about Z.  The next time I saw Boss, she asked me if Employee told me X, Y, and Z.  I said, "No.  Employee told me Z."  It was one of the most uncomfortable conversations I have had.  Boss was not pleased.  She said she specifically asked him if he discussed X, Y, & Z and he looked her straight in the eye and said "Yes, I did."  I forwarded Employee's email to Boss so she would have proof that he lied to her face.

I am now out of the loop because the follow up actions are none of my business.  I contacted Employee (among others) to arrange a meeting to discuss X, Y, and Z.  Employee did not reply and did not attend the meeting.  I asked Employee's employees (he's middle management) where he was.  They said he is on indefinite leave.

I don't think my friend put her employee on indefinite leave because he didn't tell me X & Y.  I don't think I am that important and Employee has many other professional faults.  However, lying to her face might have been the last straw.


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